Thursday, October 4, 2012


On September 4th, it was getting dark and a car arrived with two dogs which they wanted to surrender. It was our friend Sharae who helped the people find their way to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue from Circle Pines in Red Lake.

Sharae and I tucked in a young female dog called Maggie Mae and her sister I called Rush in their kennels with food and water and blankets. They were in pretty fair shape, except we noticed the next day that Rush had a raspy way of breathing. We saw a scar on her throat which had healed and a few scrapes on her head and rump.

Another "broken" animal I thought, and wondered who would take this girl? She was a very nice dog and deserved a good home.

Maggie Mae was an easy placement and went out in a week.

Thankfully, All Dog Rescue stepped up and took Rush on September 22nd. A vet visit determined that Rush had laryngial paralysis and nothing needs to be done right now. Her heart and lungs are good and she can have normal activity. She is super sweet and friendly and her foster dad already adores her.

We are so happy that our rescue friends do not expect animals in perfect physical condition, and in so doing are finding perfect animals in many other ways!

Sincerely, Karen RLRR

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Anonymous said...

Thankfully the laryngial paralysis
can be repaired (we had our lab
go thru this surgery at the U of
M). Best wishes to Rush!!


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