Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Carma's clinic memories: Shaving the cat

A couple brought this cat into the October clinic. They were ready to surrender her....the husband was visibly upset because he loves this cat but could not control the matted coat. I was asked if I could clip the matted fur off. I replied "Yes...only if one of them would stay and help". Well....I reached into the kennel and the 'lovely little kitty' tried to kill me!!!! Her 'mother' said that she too was scared to try and get her out and hold her! So....Vet Maria volunteered to tranquilize our 'lovely little kitty'! Her first shot went into the 3 inch mat, attached to her back! The second shot hit paydirt and she was out within minutes!

Her name is BABY!!! She had a coat that was unbelievable! Her whole body was a mat! She must have been so uncomfortable, hurting with move she made. NO WONDER SHE WAS SO CRABBY!!! I quickly shaved her down, it took me about 30 minutes. I combed out her tail and tidied her feet. As I was shaping the fur around her head...she twitched!!!! That was enough for me!!! 'Nice kitty, kitty'!!!! She was telling me that SHE was still in control and I had better finish up fast!!!

Her Mom and Dad took her home in the kennel, which they returned the next day. They are going to bring her in for regular grooming! So....Baby and I will meet again! Hopefully she won't remember from time to time what I am doing to her!!! I think, if she could, she would try to find me.....I'm just not sure if she would thank me or torture me!!!


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pitbull friend said...

You're a brave woman, Carma! (Part of the skill set to be a great groomer, I guess.)


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