Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Samson shares about vacations up north

Samson here, I'm originally a dog from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Karen got a picture of me on vacation last year, and wanted me to share more about it.

I am loving life in the home and family that I am now in, and know that without Karen saving me, I wouldn't have been around much longer. The people I am with are so good to me, and judging by my weight, sometimes they are too good to me.

Last year, just as every year since I have been adopted by them, we go on vacation to a little cabin in Detroit Lakes. It's a nice relaxing time that gets me into a new environment, where I can see and smell things that I don't get to at home.

Since there is my mom and dad, and two of my sisters, we usually end up taking two cars up north. My sister and I ride with my dad, which is nice, because we usually stop somewhere to get something to eat. I am always up for something to eat.

Once at the cabin, I can relax. The cabin is right on a lake, and every year, my dad tries to get me to go swimming. I don't like to swim. he keeps telling me that being a black lab and Newfie mix, I should love it. I can swim, I just don't care to. My sister Gracie, who also came from Red Lake, and is an Australian Shepherd / lab mix loves to swim. So, I let her swim. There's been times when Dad goes swimming, and forces me to go with him. I humor him, and put up with it for a while, then I shake off, and go lay by the cabin and watch everyone else.

One thing I look forward to is our yearly trip to the flea market. I don't need any fleas, but it's fun to walk around with Mom and Dad while they look at things. I like it, because while I am getting out for a walk, complete strangers constantly compliment me, and want to pet me. Sometimes, I meet other dogs when I am there, but we never see each other after that.

One thing I love is getting out in the boat. I will ride in the boat anytime. So, when the weather is nice, Mom, Dad, and I will go for a ride in the boat. It's not a big lake, but we go around it a couple times, and that's always fun. I never get to drive, though. Oh well.

Now that it's nice out, I know that in a few months, I will get to go on vacation again, and that is my favorite part of summer.


Dan Larson said...

Thanks for sharing Samson's story...

-Samson's mom & dad.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for the great life Samson has now after the suffering he endured!!

Thank you to Dan, Maggie and of course Animal Ark!!

Anonymous said...

Samson and Gracie....what a great
pair and what a fantastic family.
We are so happy for you both!!!
Thanks to this wonderful family also for loving these two litte souls and giving them the love and
enjoyment in life that they both

Jo Tallchief said...

So good to hear from you, Samson - have an awesome vacation again this summer! (P.S. Yes, it does seem as if you have a lack of enthusiasm going after that ball someone threw in the lake for you ^_^)


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