Thursday, June 8, 2017

Woodticks, Mosquitos & Fleas, Oh My!!

In the summer, the north woods surrounding Red Lake Rosie's Rescue are infested with insects and parasites that attack people and animals causing misery and illness. We desperately need Frontline Plus for all sizes of dogs and cats.  It can be ordered on our Wishlist and sent directly to us. Here is the link to the list:

Junebug is a stray juvenile shepherd mix in our care. She is very  beautiful, but severely infected with wood ticks. The wood tick season is particularly bad this year and ticks carry serious diseases such as Lymes, Anaplasma, Erlichia and more.

Animals infested ticks or fleas can get skin infections from scratching and, smaller dogs and cats -- especially puppies and kittens, can become anemic from losing so much blood.

Randi came to RLRR with two other cats and all were loaded with fleas.  Some animals are allergic to flea bites and have very severe reactions. Randi has scratched herself so that her bedding is bloody.

Mosquitos give heartworm to dogs and both prevention and treatment are expensive and require a prescription from a veterinarian. Cats come in with ear mites that can be treated with another prescription medication, Revolution. NexGard is a chewable flea and tick treatment for dogs, but it is also a prescription medication.  If you are a veterinarian that could help us acquire these prescription medications, please contact us.

Anyone can send us Frontline products that treat fleas, ticks, and lice through an application on the skin. We need Frontline for all sizes of dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens.

Won't you help today and send products to give these precious animals relief?  If you don't use, you may mail any donations to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, 23880 South Good Road, Trail, MN 56684.

Thank you on behalf of the animals,

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