Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dear Deer, Danny & Dandelion

On Memorial Day, it was cold and rainy. Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got a call from Justin and Susan, our dedicated drivers that rescue in Red Lake and the surrounding area. They had been driving near the outlet on the reservation when they saw grass on the side of the road moving suspiciously. They stopped to find an injured whitetail fawn about a week old on the side of the road. Danny’s front leg was twisted and he could not walk. He also had scraped on his midsection.

Justin called and, in questioning him, there was no mother deer around and the fawn was clearly injured. We do not want anyone to pick up baby deer unless they are injured and no mother deer is around. We only take those whose life is in danger.

Before Danny got to the RLRR shelter, we contacted Wild and Free Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Garrison and they agreed to meet Danny in Motley the next day and take him to the vet for his injuries. Wild and Free provides medical care for injured and orphaned wildlife and introduces them back into the refuge after rehabilitation. We do not condone nor practice domesticating wildlife.

Danny arrived and was given dog milk replacer in a syringe as that’s all that was available. We tucked Danny in a dry kennel and would give multiple feedings until the next day when he would be transferred to Wild and Free.

The next morning at feeding time, I was amazed to see that Danny's right leg had straightened out. It had been dislocated -- not broken! Danny has a bright future as soon as his leg is strong and his wound on his midsection is healed. He will be nurtured at Wild and Free until he can fend for himself. He should be able to be released back to the wild in the fall.

We want to especially thank Justin and Susan for noticing the fawn in distress. And, also, thank you to Nancy and Jenny our faithful transporters who always give a ride to those in need!

Much to our surprise, about a week later, we got a call about another fawn that was down, severely dehydrated and malnourished with no mother in sight. RLRR took in the orphan fawn, who we called Dandelion, and transferred her the next day to Wild and Free Rehabilitation Center in Garrison, MN, too. She was so sweet, but in very weak condition. She is pictured with Shannon, a volunteer, who spent the weekend with her husband Mike at the shelter.

RLRR has sent two other fawns in previous years to Wild and Free, as well as many other species. Thank you to Wild and Free for immediately responding to the needs of injured and orphaned wildlife.


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