Monday, June 12, 2017

Buckwheat's Brush with Death

The call came late on a Saturday evening from a lady who said her dog was in serious condition. She reluctantly decided to surrender her dog to Red Lake Rosie’s so he could get medical care. The dog, who Dr. Bob named Buckwheat, was 75 miles from the shelter and another 24 miles from the vet. Paul and Phyllis answered the call and brought the bloody dog to the shelter and we called the emergency vet to come in and help Buckwheat.

Not only was Buckwheat covered with blood but also with mud.

Buckwheat had never been neutered and was chasing a female dog in heat and was attacked by a group of other intact males. His right leg was badly chewed and his neck. Buckwheat had bites all over his rear flanks.

The vet did the best he could to clean the wounds and shave the affected parts. There was no way to stitch the animal as pieces of flesh had been chewed off.

Buckwheat lingered between life and death at the vet hospital and after the weekend came to the RLRR shelter. The vet was unsure if he would live or die. Buckwheat ate nothing for a whole week.

Finally, he began to eat small amounts with the hidden antibiotic and pain medication.

Ten days later, he is walking on leash and definitely is on the mend. We are hoping for a full recovery and healing. As soon as Buckwheat is well enough, he will be neutered.

Had Buckwheat been neutered. this would never have happened to him. We try and impress on the community the need to get all pets neutered and spayed. We see many injured male intact dogs mauled by other dogs.

Please bring your animals to our neuter/spay clinics to prevent critical and many times fatal injury. 

Thank you to our donors who support RLRR animal clinics and medical for the injured.


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Anonymous said...

Is Buckwheat at the AHS in Buffalo? There is a Buckwheat there who looks exactly like him.


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