Tuesday, June 20, 2017

ABE! Garden Party raises funds for RLRR

"Please join Red Lake 'Crumpet' and little 'Sneffie' at the 
Red Lake Rosie's Rescue Benefit-Garden Party!"

Susan and her beloved Clumber Spaniel named ABE! raised funds for animal shelters for years with benefit parties. In 2009, when he passed away, the ABE! Fund was created in his memory.

A birthday party for 17-year-old, Bramber, the Sussex spaniel, was the special occasion for the fundraiser in 2010.

A little homeless dog wandered the streets of the Reservation, until he was rescued by Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. In December of 2010, Susan adopted Crumpet, so he was the guest of honor in 2011.

In 2012, Crumpet was joined in hosting duties by Caity, his new sister, a 7-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel rescue dog. 

The two happily co-hosted the event for some years.

We were thrilled when Susan made the long trip to Red Lake in 2015 to finally see the shelter and meet Karen.

She also had the opportunity to help at a clinic. For years, Susan and her friend Cele made blankets for the animals of RLRR and she got to put them to good use.

We appreciate that Crumpet has been willing to share :-)

We were so sorry to hear that Caity passed away. Rest in Peace, dear Caity.

Over the years, the ABE! Fund has donated straw for the kennels in winter and shelter supplies. This year the funds will benefit the October Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue has received thousands of dollars from the ABE! Fund and we can't thank Susan enough for her loyal friendship and support. We welcome Sneferu to the family!

Love from Karen
and RLRR

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