Friday, April 7, 2017

Trigger's battle with heartworm

At the October 2016 community clinic, Trigger, a little Chihuahua, was surrendered by his family who loved him, but did not have the resources to get him the treatment he needed.  Trigger was the first chihuahua ever diagnosed with heartworm at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Heartworm left untreated is fatal, but dogs can also die during treatment. :-(

Trigger had a long road to recovery.  Three weeks after being treated with immeticide injection he got violently ill.  He began coughing up large clots of blood and gurgling in his lungs.

Apparently, the heartworms had died and went into the lung. Trigger lingered between life and death for several days, and then one day his symptoms began to decrease and he was healed.  Trigger had a little friend named Trouble to help him through the tough days.

Trigger went to Pet Haven and was adopted by a wonderful family there and is living a good life now.

We want to thank all our supporters who help provide the resources we need to help with expensive medical procedures, such as heartworm treatment.  It has saved and extended Trigger’s life. To allow us to help more animals, you may make a donation for the RLRR medical fund on our webpage or send a donation to: RLRR, 23880 South Good Road, Trail, MN 56684.

Thank you,

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Waggingtales said...

Trigger, little heart, big soul. I am so happy you survived. You deserve and enjoy every bit of love you get for the rest of your life.


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