Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Scotti, the Troll

Just one year ago, in May of 2016, Scotti came into our lives. Red Lake Rosie's Rescue was called to a residence where two older dogs were to be euthanized, because one of the dogs, Scotti, had bitten or attempted to bite a neighbor.

The two elderly dogs were not going to leave the property willingly and it took some time to get them crated and transported to the clinic. Pet Haven volunteers, Rachel, Nicci, and Nate did assessments of Scotti and his brother. Scotti would not cooperate, but they befriended him anyway :-) Both dogs went to the RLRR shelter that evening.

Two weeks passed and Scotti’s brother came around nicely and was transferred to another rescue for adoption. Scotti would have to spend more time at the RLRR shelter. 

Scotti was a loner, never making friends with other dogs or people either. He used to lay under the ramp to the cathouse and we lovingly called him “The Troll”. He reminded us of the character in the story of the Billy Goats Gruff who would hide under the bridge and frightened the goats as they crossed. When someone came too close, Scotti would bear his teeth but never bite.

Scotti and I developed a bond and he waited each morning and evening for me to come to the shelter. He would follow me around while I was doing my chores and loved to get canned food treats. Scotti always waited on the porch while I worked inside and then would get his bowl of canned and grain-free food which he loved. Scotti would let me pet him, but would not let me pull out any of the burdock he was collecting in his fur!

Recently, Scotti stopped eating and was getting older and frail. Sadly, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, April 18, 2017. It was a rainy day and tears of sadness were shed for Scotti. It reminded me of the soulful sound of the blues song “The Sky Is Crying”. It is quiet tonight at the shelter and someone very special is missing.

Until we meet again my friend. 

Love Karen


Skwermy said...

Both Nate and I were looking forward to seeing Scotti at the Oct clinic in a few months but we will just meet him in our dreams ❤️ Nate felt such a strong bond with Scotti and he had missed him since we left last May. Run free Scotti and soar! We miss you big guy!

Lynn said...

Thank you Karen for understanding his personality and letting him be him. Even though he liked to be left alone, we could tell that he was happy being at the shelter, hanging out under "bridge" and especially happy whenever you walked by him.

TLC Canine Rescue -Lisa and Bob said...

So sorry Karen and RLRR for your loss. It's never easy to loose a loved one. He was so cute. He knew he was loved and had a good life with you. Dog bless you both and until you meet again.


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