Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Life is looking up for little Amelia

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue took in a cat from the White Earth Reservation- a little tabby and white female with a mangled leg. The owner said Amelia had been run over by car.  RLRR had her leg amputated and Feline Rescue was willing to take her into foster care.

It turned out that she wasn't a kitten as we assumed, but a tiny nearly-adult cat weighing just 3 1/2 pounds. She was shy and very shut-down when she arrived in foster care -- probably in pain and shock for all that had happened. 

She wasn't fond of being coaxed into moving around for physical therapy.

But, she quickly learned to love foster mom and foster dad.

Amelia even made friends with a little lion :-)

In addition to her mangled leg which was amputated and the road rash on her face which healed, Amelia's tail was broken and stiff in several places. One day her foster mom saw her out of the corner of her eye and she had a short tail! She immediately began to look around and there was Amelia's tail and a single drop of blood ;-o

No amputation required for her tail! It was healed on its own. The photo of the tail prompted what was probably the largest number of comments ever from the other Feline Rescue foster caregivers on their private Facebook page!!

Amelia is perfectly happy with her abbreviated tail.

And, she became fast friends with a another tabby in her foster home.

This beautiful girl will be ready to find her forever home very soon :-)


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