Monday, May 18, 2015

Julie's transformation & homecoming

Julie is a husky mix dog that has been a permanent resident at the Karen Good residence for the past nine years. Julie has had a skin condition all her life which progressively got worse last fall, 2014.

Mike and Lauren, long time Red Lake Rosie's Rescue volunteers had, through the years, fallen in love with this little girl who was often balding.

In November, Lauren and Mike, who are vet students, asked to take Julie to their home in St. Paul where she would get help from a dermatologist. Over the next 6 months, Julie remained in their care and progressed very nicely. She has been treated for demodex mange and is getting injections for allergies which will be a lifelong treatment.

On April 24th, Mike, Lauren and Julie made the trek north to return to RLRR. Julie immediately knew she was home and headed straight for the open food bowl. All the dogs remembered her well and were happy to see her.

Thank you Mike and Lauren for your great care of Julie bringing her back to life again!

Sincerely, Karen, Kevin, Mouser, Reilly, Sena, George, Susie Q and Nom
Julie was with us for six months for treatment of lifelong skin issues. When we first got her, she was pretty miserable - itching constantly and had a few open sores that wouldn't heal.

Over the next few months, she was treated with a variety of medications, received intradermal allergy testing and began allergy shots. Julie's skin improved a great deal and she started growing in a pretty coat of fur! 

We loved having Julie in our care. She is such a sweet, gentle dog and we miss her a lot! When we brought her back up north, she went straight for the food bowl (she had been on a weight loss plan with us)! We hope she stays happy and healthy for a long time! 


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