Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mama Dog shot; one of three puppies caught

A call came to Red Lake Rosie’s early one morning asking us to please help a dog called “Mama Dog”. The owner feared that she had been shot and would die. She saw a puncture wound on her side and Mama Dog was “breathing funny” she said.

In questioning the lady we found out that Mama Dog had 3 puppies that were now larger and semi-feral. I told her that she needed to drop the Mama Dog off at the Cornerstone Vet and also the puppies.


Mama Dog’s x-rays showed a collapsed lung and a bullet lodged in her neck. She was spayed and vaccinated and came to the shelter to recuperate. We administer antibiotics and pain medication daily to her.

Thankfully, Mama Dog began to eat on day 2 and is rapidly improving. She exercises each day and seems happy in spite of her trauma. The bullet will not be removed as long as it is not causing problems.

Only one of the puppies has been caught so far -a male I named Chinook. Chinook is a beautiful pure white/cream husky about 12 - 14 weeks old.

Poor little Chinook was shut down in a kennel. Pet Haven kindly accepted him into their foster program and it wasn’t long that he was overcoming his fear and was being socialized.

We are still waiting for the other 2 pups to be captured and brought to the shelter so they too can be socialized and have hope for a good life as a part of a family. Only half of this family is safe and we are hoping to get the other half.

Thank you, Pet Haven, for giving Chinook a chance and to our donors who help us provide medical care in these kinds of life saving emergencies.

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

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