Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Azebun Beasley: Happily Ever After


Ten years ago, in the earliest days of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, this pup was saved through Karen's tender care and his will to live. It is a miraculous story of survival that led to a great life. We were so pleased to hear from his adopter a couple of months ago.

Dear Bethany: 
Hi! I'm the person who rescued your Beasley in Red Lake. He was the tiniest of 12 puppies and the people told me only 11 survived, and one died. Well- I saw a slight movement and put the little tyke in a box with a blanket. I spent the next 9 days- day and night with him. He looked like a little raccoon, so I called him Azebun. To this day- I do not know HOW he survived.

He had over 40 roundworms in him. Got impacted from them. He was fed with an eyedropper for many days, and lingered in a state of near death. I used a heating pad and hot water bottle to maintain his body temp. Finally- he awoke and began to lap puppy milk. He followed me around and was about 1/2 pound at that time. His eyes did not open for several days- I thought he was blind. He had chemical burns on his little tummy and some adhesive stuck in his fur.

He was certainly a little miracle and I am so happy he came to live with you. From me, he went into the care of  Dino Buege of Pleading Paws who found him your great home.

Dear Karen,

Not sure if you check this email anymore but hoping this message finds its way to you. Today I send this as I look through things to remember our Beasley (formerly Azebun) who passed away a year ago today. The cancer that took his life was swift and we still can barely speak about it because we miss him so much.

Beasley was an amazing dog. Smart, stubborn, sensitive and fiercely loyal to his people and his best dog friend, Milton. He loved cheese and hiking and we loved to see him happy so he was shamelessly spoiled rotten. As you can see from the attached picture he grew to be such a beautiful boy with a wonderful smile.

As I remember him today, I want to say thank you for everything you did in those early days of his life. You did not just save a dog, you saved the best dog.

All the best,


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Ms. Shawnee1962 said...

Condolences to Beasley (Azebun)'s family...and thank you Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for saving his life, so that he could enjoy the love that his family gave to him.


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