Monday, March 21, 2016

Life of Gaag


Dear Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue,

It is with great sadness that we share the news that Gaag, formerly known as Heath (a.k.a. Bernie), died unexpectedly on Feb. 24 of an aggressive cancer.

Shortly after we adopted Gaag, Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue posted this blog post about his new life with us and our plans for him to become our next therapy dog (, so we wanted to take a moment to share with you the rest of his journey with us.

Although we had just six years to spend with Gaag, we made the most of every moment we had with him. He did become a registered therapy dog, and in his almost five years of service, he made more than 100 therapy visits. He specialized in corrections, making a difference with his story of survival and resilience with both adults and juveniles in local detention centers. He made many other visits as well, to hospice patients, nursing homes, Girl Scout camps, church services, and other local organizations and events where he demonstrated what it takes to become a therapy dog.


Gaag also had many other adventures in his life. He learned to do carting and weight pulling and made lots and lots of friends. Gaag is the only dog we’ve had who was never kenneled or left with anyone during our travels – he was always a part of our adventures. His travels included visits to many states, islands, and multiple ferry rides. He was always game for our next adventure, especially if it included hiking – he visited dozens of state parks across several states. His love of hiking was second only to his love of snow.

In addition, Gaag was a source of comfort and stability for the other two dogs with whom we currently share our lives. Both of them are rescues as well – one is a Neapolitan mastiff, and the other is a Great Dane mix. They, too, experienced significant loss and instability in their lives, and with Gaag’s guidance, they both have learned how to be happy and enjoy life.

Gaag touched many lives during his time on this planet, ours first and foremost. We miss him dearly but are so very thankful that he was a part of our life and will always be grateful to everyone who helped make that possible.

Don and Stephanie V~


Gaag came to RLRR dirty, thin and sad with a painful muzzle embedded with porcupine quills that had to be removed surgically. His new family honored his past with the name Gaag, which means porcupine in Ojibwe.

This story is inspirational and a tear jerker for me. Just imagine these treasures we are entrusted with saving! Look at what difference this one rescue dog from Red Lake made in his life!!

I want to thank his wonderful guardians who loved and respected him so much!


Anonymous said...

God Bless all of you for everything that you do. To the family of Gaag be at peace until you meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. <3

care said...

What a wonderful life they gave Gaag after being rescued. He looks very happy in the photos. I am sure he is at the Rainbow Bridge looking down on all of you.


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