Saturday, May 30, 2015

Midnight/Kevin finds lots of love in his new family

What a wonderful letter and update about Midnight who came in to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue neglected and full of quills in 2013! Now, he is enjoying a great life where he is loved and cared for. We were so pleased to receive not only the good news of Midnight's life, but the kind and generous donation of Ellie Hino's winnings from an improv comedy charity event with the Twin Cities Film Fest and Actor's Expo to help other Red Lake animals!


Dear Red Lake Rosie's Rescue:

Kevin came into our lives a year and a half ago. He came to you with porcupine quills in his face and body and was hungry and lonely from living on his own. You fixed him up, named him Midnight and sent him on his way to be fostered through Pet Haven.

We saw his face on Pet Finder and knew we just had to meet this dog. We had met other dogs and it just never felt quite perfect. Then, finally, he was brought to our home and he never left. Jenny brought him over and he kissed my face. I said, "Well, this is our dog now!" I love him more than anything. So does my husband, Casey. He will have a little human brother in September and we can't wait to see him kiss our baby's face, too. He is our family forever.

I'm an improviser and comedian in Minneapolis. I had an opportunity to "compete" in an improv comedy charity event with the Twin Cities Film Fest and Actor's Expo. The winner would be granted $500 to their charity of choice. You were the first people I thought of. I feel so happy to be able to give you this check, as it's not something I could ever afford on my own.

We are forever grateful to you and your hard work saving the lives of animals and giving them second chances. Thank you for helping our most beloved doggie, Kevin, when he needed you the most. Oh jeez, I just can't imagine life without him.

With love and gratitude,
Ellie Hino


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