Monday, May 4, 2015

Another surgery for Phoenix

April 19
His wounds and scars need protection from the sun.

April 20
Phoenix is having surgery tomorrow morning.
He has a non-healing wound that needs surgical help.
In addition, he will be neutered (no need for extra anesthesia and an additional surgery.)
We realize this is a lot to handle for this little guy, but this wound needs attention, and to ignore it would be remiss.
So, no pictures tomorrow night because he'll be in the hospital, but we will carry on as usual afterward.

April 22
Phoenix arrived on February 21st and today is April 22nd.
It seems like he's been with us longer.
Perhaps it's because we've put him through three surgeries, a possible PTSD diagnosis (of sorts), and medical care almost every other day. Then, throw in socialization and training, all in an attempt to teach him the world can be a better place than what he once knew.
We've hired a Veterinary Behaviorist to help us create a plan for his future. We still work with Fresh Air Training, and we've started him on medications to help quiet his mind.
He's home from the hospital, (and doing well! smile emoticon and we'll post pictures tomorrow night.
Wow. This guy has been through a LOT.

April 25
Tonight we thought we would show you a picture of Phoenix's war-torn body.
He's healing pretty well, oozing a little in some spots, but overall we are happy with the outcome.

The combination of medications appears to be helping his body and mind, and we know this because he allowed us to give him a BATH!

We have reached a resting spot in Phoenix's health care. He's had three big surgeries, and he needs to recover before we can assess the next step in the plan.

Your donations have covered the cost of his care to this point, and we feel we should suspend accepting any more money dedicated solely to Phoenix.

If you would like to donate to the general fund of ACT V Rescue, we welcome that!
Thank you, everyone, for your unwavering support.

April 28
Phoenix looks much better from this angle.

April 30
No news is good news!

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Anonymous said...

This is my ignorance but I am curious - would sunscreen ever be used on dogs to protect from the sun? I know Phoenix needs protective gear/covering. I am just curious about dogs with lighter coats or scars. I am very aware of winter protection but I had not considered summer! Just kind of a random question. Good and peaceful thoughts to Phoenix as he journeys on.


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