Thursday, July 26, 2012

Max is smiling now

Max came in as a surrender at the clinic on June 22nd.

His owner said "I had not noticed the collar and the neck" when he turned him in. Max had a VERY TIGHT collar and chain which resulted in an open wound under his neck and a large lump (abccess) hangng on that spot.

Max turned out to be a great dog. He came to the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and has been on antibiotics and the wound is slowly healing. Max has many canine friends that he plays with and enjoys life free from the collar and chain he once knew.

On Sunday July 15th he left the shelter to go to a foster home with Mn Pitbull Rescue and we are so happy for him.

Thank you Mn Pitbull Rescue for helping Max move on to a new life. Also, thank you to all the clinic volunteers who got the surrender and our supporters.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for Max.....such a
nice boy. He always greeted us
when we visited RLRR.


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