Thursday, July 5, 2012

June 30 Transport

This was a combined transport with two Red Lake Rosie's Rescue dogs, and 18 other animals from Leech Lake Legacy, Bemidji Pound, and Roseau Pound!

It shows how teamwork and cooperation improves opportunities for the animals we serve!

GINNYGinny came in as a surrender at the clinic. She came in the last day so we did not get her spayed at the clinic, however, when taken to Gonvick vet they found the scar and tattoo so we knew she had visited one of our previous clinics.

AURORAAurora was found by Polly under a porch as a stray with cockleburs all over her fur. Both Ginny and Aurora got to go to All Dog Rescue.

Thanks to Marilou for sharing her photos!

Thank you all-
Karen RLRR

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