Saturday, July 16, 2011

Adventures of Moje

I just wanted to write to give you an update on a puppy that you rescued, who we adopted in late March. When we got him, he was named Robin, a 12-week-old husky/lab puppy who was found with his brother (Batman); both were quite malnourished.

He's now almost 6 months old, and doing great. His name is now Moje, he's nearly 50 pounds and a bundle of energy and personality. He's healthy and happy, and we absolutely adore him.

LIKES HIS OWN CHAIRAND THE WIND IN HIS EARSHe lives with us in St. Paul, and we spend most of the summer up at our cabin on a lake in Aitkin county.

He's starting to really enjoy swimming for sticks and going out on the boat, loves to wrestle around with his new sister Maggie in the yard, will chase a ball endlessly, goes on long walks, and can entertain himself for long stretches trying to catch bugs.

He's quite a lover, too, always wants to be near us and leaning into us...and occasionally chewing on us.

MOJE & MAGGIEWe were up near Red Lake this past weekend for Moje's first camping/fishing trip to Lake of the Woods and wanted to stop by, but weren't able to, so I am sending you this email and photos instead.

THAT'S A JOYFUL FACE ALL RIGHT!Thanks for rescuing him, and for all that you do. He's brought a lot of joy into our lives, and we're very grateful.

ROBIN & BATMAN AT RED LAKE ROSIE'S RESCUEHe's come a long way from being that hungry, skinny puppy!

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Beautiful story.....thank you for
continued updates.


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