Wednesday, September 13, 2017

August Clinic: Unexpected Theme

The August Clinic had an unexpected theme to it -- Vehicle Repairs. 

We had hundreds of pounds of food, clinic supplies, and 17 volunteers that needed transportation from the Minneapolis/St.Paul area to Redby for the clinic. Days before the clinic, 6 vehicles needed repairs just to make the 5-hour journey. Thankfully, 4 of them were repaired in time and everything, and everyone, arrived safely.

Just when we thought vehicle problems were behind us, the MNSNAP truck blew a warehouse fuse. The surgery vehicle is a lot like an RV, and needs electricity to operate. It continued to have problems so they moved the truck outdoors so they could run the generator. Then the generator didn't work.

We were very fortunate to have Aaron Sawdey volunteering at the clinic. Aaron is a longtime volunteer with Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and Leech Lake Legacy, a foster with Pet Haven MN, and an excellent amateur photographer. We were surprised, and grateful, to learn that Aaron is also an electrical engineer. He determined problems and created solutions that literally kept our clinic running. Without his expertise we would not have been able to accomplish all that we did. THANK YOU, Aaron!

 Despite the delays, our clinic was a success. MNSNAP completed 85 spay/neuter surgeries. Dr. Patti Novak volunteered her time as our clinic vet, vaccinating 86 dogs and cats, and treating 19 animals for medical concerns, including a rat. We accepted 20 surrendered dogs and cats.

Typical of a summer clinic, there were several parent-child volunteers. The professional groomer Sam, is only 21, and was joined by her mother. Kipling, 15, and Colin, 16, became her apprentices for 2 days and together they groomed a record high of 26 dogs! There were several extreme make overs, and one dog even got a mohawk.

When Aaron wasn't fixing the truck, or helping animals in need, he was taking photos. There are nearly 100 photos in the "August Clinic" and "Grooming" photo albums on our Facebook page. (Use this link to check them out at . If you haven't already "Liked" our page, please do that too :-)

We are so grateful for all the people that volunteered their time and talents with us- Aaron, Jen, Jess, Blaine, Claudia, Barb and her sons John and Ethan, Kim and her daughter Aurelia, Dr. Patti and daughter Kipling, Heather and daughter Emma, Beth and daughter Sam, and local teens Destiny, Latrell, Jenna, and Dezi. We can't forget Diane, with 4 Perfect Pets in Oakdale, MN, for the animal food donations.

A huge, heartfelt thank you to Second Chance Animal Rescue for sponsoring the clinic!

Until our next clinic in October…

Amy (with son Colin)

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