Monday, February 26, 2018

Lilia makes RLRR her community project!

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue has been so blessed by kindness from young people over the years. Lilia is our latest helper.


Lilia is an eighth-grader at St. Louis Park Middle School and she chose RLRR as her final community project. She first learned about RLRR from her neighbors Mary & Matt and wanted to help. She gathered information about RLRR and sent an email to friends and family requesting donations. She has not only collected donations, but she has spread the word about RLRR. 


Lilia's neighbors have recently started M&M Partners in Rescue to help RLRR and other animal rescue organizations. They are planning monthly trips to help Karen at the shelter and Lilia wants to continue to get donations to send up with them. Lilia and her mother Lynn want to come up to help at a clinic at Red Lake, too.

Many thanks to Lilia!

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