Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shyla, the odd-eyed lab from Ponemah

On December 6th, a lab we named Shyla came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in the evening from Ponemah. Merri Jo had found this young female black labbie under a burned up mobile home. She was hungry and very frightened, but trusted Merri Jo enough to be rescued.
She turned out to be a very sweet little girl with one brown eye and one blue eye. Her rear leg was drawn up to her side and she hopped on three legs. Shyla was very thin and dehydrated. There was evidence that she had recently, perhaps 3 months ago, had a litter of puppies. There were, however, no puppies in sight anywhere.
It just so happened that John was bringing a load of food from the metro the next day- so I was hoping to get Shyla help as she obviously had a broken leg. Thankfully, Dr. Vickie of Act V stepped up and agreed to take Shyla the next day. So, Shyla was a guest at RLRR shelter for only one night. She was fed, watered, and given a nice straw bed to lay on.

The next day, she was carried to the transport pickup and she got to Act V that evening. It was a dream come true for Shyla. She went from suffering, hunger and loneliness within 24 hours to a warm bath and belly rubs, as well as much needed medical care.

Dr. Vickie took the first photographs when she arrived in Bloomington. Dr. Vickie X-rayed Shyla and discovered 2 breaks in the leg and also buckshot in her abdomen. Thank you to Merri Jo, John and Dr. Vickie for getting Shyla on to a good life. This is what rescue is all about, "teamwork brings results."


Sweet, shy Shyla is with our most experienced foster family. She has a lot of buckshot in her abdomen and had pups not too long ago. Her right femoral head is busted apart and I think there is also a break in the femur just below it. Her leg is much shorter as a result and it is an old break. I think she'll have the same surgery as Isaac had. Will keep you posted on that.

Shyla had her leg surgery on Monday the 17th- and went back to her foster home.
Her leg was saved. :-)



Anonymous said...

What another sweet ending for a
cutie named Shyla....thank you all for helping her!!

Kristen said...

Hooray! So glad Shyla was saved and got to keep her leg!

Cindy said...

This makes me so happy!


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