Friday, December 14, 2012

Ponemah puppy love

Karen sends a huge THANK YOU to Act V Rescue & Rehabilitation for taking in the broken animals from Ponemah.

ACT V WROTE: "You are welcome. We all fell in love that night... what can we say. Definitely not a sacrifice at all - more of a privilege. We also owe a huge thank you to Sandi Kettler Johnson - she is a CVT at South Hyland Pet Hospital and volunteered her time after a full day of work to help us triage the gang."

Dani was actually rescued by Merri a week earlier, so she had already gone to ACT V. Merri went looking for more pups from Dani's litter. Chaco might be, but Cora and Panda really look like a match!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This certainly brings happy tears
to the beautiful and
precious these little ones are....
and what incredible guardian angels
with Merri, Karen, RLRR, and ACTV
and triage. Thank you all.


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