Thursday, August 9, 2012

Youth Works returns!

Two great groups from Youth Works made a visit to Red Lake Rosie's on July 16-18. The groups came from the Minneapolis area and did lots of work at the shelter.

They cleaned out the straw shed and got it all prepared for the coming winter's straw- this was one of the main jobs. Groups spent the next few days brushing and clearing out areas around the shelter.

Two volunteers cleaned the cathouse and took care of the cats and kittens. The van and pickup went through a much-needed car wash and vacuum.

During the visit, the groups rescued two small kittens found in the parking lot at the Red Lake Elementary School and transported a rescued dog as well.

They named the kittens Johnnie and Georgie Girl and both have since gone to foster care with Pet Haven.

One day they stopped at the Neptune community cemetery and cleaned and mowed it.

We are very impressed with the work that Youth Works has done to improve the environment at the shelter and the clinic this summer. We hope to have them back again next year.

Sincerely, Karen


Anonymous said...

What an outstanding group of hard
workers.....they are appreciated.
(I see Riley snuck into as many
photos as possible).

pitbull friend said...

Wow! What great young people! Thanks, Youth Works!!!


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