Monday, August 20, 2012

Captain Walter

Captain came in as a surrender on the Ponemah shuttle in summer of 2011 with Major another German Shepherd mix. Both dogs were malnourished and mangey on arrival.

Both were healed and found great homes. Thank you Pet Haven for fostering Captain and finding him these great digs.

KarenNOTE FROM ADOPTIVE HOME: Captain was adopted by Marcia and Tim for his forever home in January 2012 after spending time in foster care. He was eager to please and craved the love of his family. Captain quickly showed how smart he was learning basic obedience and a few tricks...he gives kisses on request!

Captain's favorite pastime when not laying on the sofa with his Mom getting belly rubs, is watching squirrel TV through the back door. Captain is a very special dog. His best characteristic is the unconditional love he gives.


Anonymous said...

Sweet story and love the updates!

Anonymous said...

Dear Captain Walter. We were in your hometown Ponemah today returning animals to their owners. We brought back 3 larger puppies surrendered to the shelter, each one with a chance to get the great home you got! Love the story and encourages us to keep on keeping on!


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