Monday, May 8, 2017

Victim Zorro

RLRR got a call in midwinter that a large kitten had wandered to a residence and they requested us to pick it up. They said it had broken legs.

Susan and Justin answered the call and brought little Zorro to the shelter. While the cat's ears had no frostbite and the front legs showed no evidence of frostbite, the two hind feet looked crisp and made a sound like someone walking on wooden legs -- "Clunk- clunk- clunk."  The tail also had a wound.


Jenny quickly made some contacts and the Animal Humane Society took in Zorro and performed surgery to remove the hind feet. Zorro was placed in a foster home, where he was thriving.

Here is an update from Zorro's foster mom:

"A well deserved rest for this pumpkin! Zorro is gaining energy every day! He's starting to play with toys and loves eating!! He loves to be held and purrs like crazy😍 His feet and tail amputations are healing beautifully and he's walking better every day."

When he was posted for adoption and he was quickly adopted.

This story is a reminder that, in spite of handicaps, the animals we rescue and serve are resilient and can overcome obstacles that we simply cannot comprehend.

Thank you to AHS, Jenny, transporters, and our supporters who make these miraculous rescues possible!


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