Monday, May 1, 2017

Another Rosie

On April 19th, a blind, 10-year-old, female pug named Rosie arrived at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue after a plea from a resident and her daughter. Susan and Justin answered the call and brought little Rosie to the shelter.

Rosie arrived wearing a heart necklace and she came with a letter handwritten from the heart:

“This is Rosie. She is blind. We rescued her from the women’s shelter about 10 years ago. Then we lost our home and she has been staying with a relative, but then that couldn't continue. Rosie can’t stay with us, so we, me and Lenelle, decided to surrender her to Rosie’s rescue, because we know you will find her a good home with someone who will pay lots of attention to her like we did.

"We love Rosie enough to give her a better home. Rosie also has a heart necklace on from me and Lenelle which we hope stays with her.

"Can you please keep us updated on her? Pictures? Anything on how she is doing and to see her new home?

"Rosie loves to be talked to and to have her shoulders massaged. She loves beggin strips, she sits and shakes hands for them. She eats moist and meaty burger dog food. Please take good care of her. Find her a good home. This hurts us to let her go, but we love her enough to let her go to a better home. She loves to sit on your legs. 

"Thank you from Lauren and Lenelle"

We are pleased to report that Rosie has been accepted by Grey Face Rescue & Retirement in St. Cloud, MN. We will share updates. We hope to get a nice photo for her family to remember her.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Karen for another sweet one rescued that so many would have over looked, or could't do These forgotten old,sick,or young is what you tend to bring to the for front of rescue. Thank you Karen for being there on the front lines. I'm on the back lines, but work as a foster and volunteer in the cities when you bring them to us.

Anonymous said...



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