Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mariah's long road to recovery

Back in February, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue took in a dog named Mariah that had been attacked and nearly killed by a pack of three dogs. See original post HERE.

After emergency care with RLRR, she was transferred to ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation for further treatment and foster care.

Mariah arrived, thanks to Leech Lake Legacy, safely.
And Karen Good, you did an excellent job of keeping her alive.
During her assessment, we learned many new things:

1. She is approximately ten years old.
2. She has newly broken teeth at the gumline (fending off her attackers?)
3. She also has many, old, broken teeth.
4. Her swollen abdomen has severe bruising.
5. Her bite wounds are massive; some were developing an infection.
6. X-ray shows she's carrying around buckshot.
7. Her spine shows evidence of significant arthritis.

Our plan:
She'll stay in the ICU under the care of Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service.
She had x-rays, ultrasound, IV fluids, extensive blood work and a Fentanyl patch for pain, and a feeding tube because she was not eating.


Sad to say, to add to her list of injuries, Mariah has a fracture in the spinous part of her vertebrae (in her upper neck). She is resting well on multiple pain medications, she eats using elevated bowls, and she is not allowed to play. We have an appointment to see Neurology in a week, and she will probably need an MRI. (All at the U of MN.) She is receiving laser treatment, and we will also be consulting with physical rehab.

Mariah, her foster Dad, and the resident dog (Chance!)
Happy days.

It's official.
It's been a long journey for this poor dog; but with teamwork, medical specialists, and community support, we changed the ending to her story.
Thank you, everyone!
(And maybe send some hugs to her foster family who kissed her goodbye.)

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue thanks ACT V and this foster family for their tremendous care of Mariah!!

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Cherie Rae said...

God bless you!!! What a sweetheart of a dog. What an amazing job you all did working to save her. Poor baby, what makes dogs attack one of their own?


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