Monday, July 25, 2016

Kindness of Strangers: New Beginnings for a Lost Soul

On July 10, I received a message from Karen Good, founder of Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, that a former White Earth resident, now living in south Minneapolis, needed our help. A young stray German Shepherd dog had found his way to this kind gentleman. Unfortunately, he already had three large dogs of his own and lived in a very small place. He needed to find another place for the dog.

Off to Minneapolis I went in search of this kind man and the gentle giant of a dog in his care. I named the gangly dog Tucker; he was all legs and energy. Tucker was very underweight and had some scars on his nose and one of his back feet that appeared to be from old burns. Despite his probable neglect, Tucker wanted just two things…love and a home of his own.

I brought Tucker to my home, which created some chaos with my own three dogs. Tucker quickly found joy in playing with them (all rescues from Red Lake) and started to learn some manners from my Red Lake pack. At 70 pounds (even though he was 15-20 pounds underweight), he was challenging to handle as he has never been taught manners. He constantly jumped on us to get closer.

In typical German Shepherd fashion, Tucker cannot get close enough to the humans he trusts and sees no reason why he should not be a lap dog. He is a very smart boy and has quickly learned ‘sit’ and ‘lay down.’ He’s still working on ‘wait’ and ‘off.’ Tucker also is developing excellent leash manners.

He is an amazing dog, with lots of love to give. He is silly and goofy. He finds immeasurable joy playing in the sprinkler and then rolling in the dirt under the deck, much to my dismay. Luckily, he also has a blast playing in the doggie pool and giving himself a bath! In short, Tucker is bursting with puppy joy!

Through networking with several rescue groups on Facebook, Saving Shepherds of MN ( came forward to take Tucker into their care. Soon Tucker will be introduced to his new foster family with the hope they may become his forever family. I am hoping that he and his foster family’s daughter form the bond that only a child and her dog can have. I pray they have many years of happiness and adventure.

Tucker, once a lost soul, is now found. Through the kindness of strangers coming together in a unified mission to rescue, he is on the path to finding his forever family. Happy life Tucker, wishing you all the love in the world. Rescue always matters!

Kim W.
RLRR Board of Directors

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