Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Isabelle (Part I): Story of Survival

A rust-colored mixed-breed dog I named Isabelle had spent years surviving near the garbage dump at Red Lake. I often saw her with large milk bags, and tried to approach her, but she would run away off into the woods to go to her puppies that she had hidden there. 

This went on at least 3 years. Isabelle was resourceful and managed to find enough food to survive. It was not so for the many litters she had- many pups I supposed had died. I saw two juveniles which I imagined were her pups from a previous litter- But they too were wild to catch. The most I could do was leave some food.

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue had a dog house and straw program at our October 2015 clinic. Susan and Justin lived in the neighborhood of the garbage dump had just received a dog house with straw during the clinic. 

Shortly after the clinic Isabelle, ready to whelp once again went into the dog house and had a litter of 9 puppies. Susan and Justin loaded up the dog house and the little family and brought them to the
shelter. We finally had succeeded in rescuing Isabelle!

Her puppies had just been born and Isabelle was very starved. It was the food that soon tamed her- On arrival her ribs and backbone protruded and when food arrived, she eagerly ate and began producing large amounts of milk.

She got regular meals of grain free kibble and canned food with vitamins and mineral supplements.

The puppies grew and Isabelle gained both weight and trust! Isabelle is a great mom! It just is so sad that she was not cared for long ago.

Isabelle is a great mom! It just is so sad that she was not cared for long ago.


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