Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Trouble comes home

Boogy Downwind, an elder resident of Redby, has had a little female Pomeranian dog named Trouble. They have been companions and close friends for the past 10 years. The two would come to the neuter/spay clinics. Trouble had been fixed and was groomed by Carma for many years. Carma became a good friend of the pair.

One day in June, Boogy called with the distressing news that Trouble was missing. Day after day there was no news of his friend Trouble. Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue knew about the special dog and put out a reward for the return of Trouble. She had been sighted at different locations, but we were never able to locate her.

Soon it is fall, and summer is gone. We are almost sure we will never see Trouble again. Then on September 17th, RLRR got a call. It was Boogy who announced that Trouble was returned to him!

Since we last talked, Boogy had a pickup roll over him and broke his back. He had been in Fargo Hospital and now was bedridden, but Trouble was back and Trouble needed help! She was full of burrs in her fur and she had a large bubble on her stomach. She had been found at a residence in Red Lake in poor condition. She had clearly been mistreated and had been injured.

Aris sprung into action and rushed over to pick up Trouble and take her to the vet. Trouble had surgery to repair a hernia and she will be convalescing at the Red Lake Rosie’s Shelter.

Carma was called immediately to share in the good news. She expects to see Trouble at the next clinic October 8 - 10 where she will again be able to groom Trouble.

We want to thank Aris and Dr. Bob of Cornerstone Vet for pulling Trouble through. We are amazed that little Trouble managed to survive the long summer ordeal, and now made it through surgery
at her age.

Thank you to our supporters for helping make life-saving medical care available to help Trouble and others like her.

Sincerely, Karen RLRR

Trouble came back to RLRR October clinic! At the August clinic, I was informed that Trouble was missing! Miracle! Trouble came back! I am so thankful that I planned to drive from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for the October clinic. My friend, Lori Giles, made the trip with me. We both spent time giving Trouble lots of cuddling! He is an answer to prayer.

Carma.....the groomer

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