Saturday, October 10, 2015

Paws for Paws benefit: Enter raffle for cash prizes!!

The Pause 4 Paws benefit event is a month away, and there are still raffle tickets available.
For every ticket Red Lake Rosie's Rescue sells, we receive $20.
If RLRR sells the Grand Prize winning ticket, we will receive $1,000!

Raffle tickets are $100 each. Multiple people can go in on one ticket (i.e. 4 friends/co-workers each put in $25, etc.

There are only 500 raffle tickets!

The drawing will be at the Fall Event on November 5th. You do not need to be present to win.

This kind of raffle is sometimes called a 50/50 raffle. So 50% of the money is going to P4P and 50% of the money is going straight to prizes!

Prizes are:
One $10,000 winner
Two $5,000 winners
Three $1,000 winners
Four $500 winners

So with 1 ticket your odds of winning are already 1 in 50.

If you like to buy a chance at winning some cash, email:

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