Monday, July 6, 2015

June Clinic with MN SNAP

Our June clinic has come and gone and was, thankfully, uneventful. Once again there were no traumas to attend to. Unfortunately, our numbers were lower than usual, only 66 spay/neuter surgeries and 37 wellness/vaccination only visits. On day two while trying to account for the low attendance, we learned that most of the locals were attending an annual powwow event in Hinckley. Lesson learned- do not schedule future clinics during the third weekend of June!

Thanks to the low turnout, our volunteers were able to give lots of attention to those animals that did visit. A litter of 8 shepherd pups were the star attraction. Two were very small and needed special feeding. Many dogs were snuggled while recovering from surgery. 

We had our first bunny spay.

Our professional groomer, Carma, had to cancel at the last minute. Without her, “grooming” turned into creative shaving. One dog was so badly matted that he required sedation in order to shave. Thank you “bonus vet” Dr. Marie for multitasking! 

Others tried their hand at “grooming” as well. And Dawn Kofstad, a hairstylist moonlighting as a RLRR groomer, gave two teenage boys a lesson in grooming. They did a great job and may be future RLRR groomers!  

A heart-felt THANK YOU to all the volunteers, including 6 teenagers! Their youthful energy and mature animal skills give hope to the future of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue! Mary Sievers, Diane Bick, Jill White, Crystal Berntson, Dawn Kofstad, Jackie Schmiedlin, Dr. Katie, Dr. Marie Louderback, her daughter Natalie and friend Alec, Kim Williams, her daughter Aurelia, Barb Engh, her son John, Destiny Harris, Amy DeLong and her son Colin. We couldn’t do it without you!

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