Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cinder: Loving life as a 3-legged dog!

Cinder(rella) was named by Heather because of the little pink bandage Heather put on this little girl's foot initially.  I lost my camera about that time and do not have pics of her at RLRR.

Cinder came in to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue as a surrendered pet in June. Aris, a very nice lady and animal lover, had known this little shepherd since she was a puppy. Aris fed the pup on occasion and noticed that her front leg was damaged.  We believe she had been hit by a car causing nerve damage in her shoulder. As a result, her foot was bent so that the top of it dragged on the ground. Aris asked the owner if she could take her for help, but not until the pup was about 6 months old did the owner finally agree to let her go.  By then, her foot had dragged until the bone was exposed and infected.

Thankfully, Laura of Pet Haven took in Cinder and got her the medical help she needed, which included the amputation of the leg. Then, they found her a happy home!

Now Cinder is hoping to pay back Pet Haven for their help by acting as the "cover girl" for their upcoming Doggy Dash fundraiser (http://www.pethavenmn.org/events/doggy-dash/). See the poster below.

Thank you so much. 
Karen Good RLRR

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