Saturday, February 21, 2015

Phoenix: Puppy burned at the dump

This charred puppy was found Friday in the snow and the garbage at the Redby dump on the Red Lake Indian Reservation.

A man named Clayton was hauling his garbage to the dump and found the pup in a burning dumpster. He was howling and trying to get out. Clayton pulled dog (we've named Phoenix) from the fire and called the DNR. Clayton took this photo.

Police Officer Kingbird came to get the dog and took him to Polly who is on the board of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

Karen asked ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation if they would take the dog and they would. Then arrangements were made for transport to Minneapolis on Saturday.

Someone knows who did this. Please call 218-268-4477 or 612-965-8293.. Please help Phoenix get justice.


ResQDogZ said...

SOMEONE knows who did this, and if they have ANY soul or conscience, MUST report them - or live with the fact that if this miscreant repeats such atrocities, that they - too - will be responsible for the infliction of this unspeakable pain and suffering!

MAN-UP and being those responsible to justice!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that poor little thing. Who would do that to a poor little defenseless puppy or any other animal! I hope they find whoever did this and throw the book @ them!

Anonymous said...

I hope they find who ever done this also..... who ever done it should go thru the same pain and suffering this poor puppy has gone thru.... they should have the book thrown at the asshole....


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