Thursday, February 26, 2015

Phoenix had surgery yesterday

Our evening update and a respectful request:

Phoenix had surgery this afternoon, and we transferred him to the ICU for continued care.

We've had trouble keeping his burn wounds closed and, therefore, he needed a skin graft. Surgery went well, and now it is time to focus our attention on what we do best.

We need to concentrate on Phoenix and devote our energy to him. We have a responsibility to all of our puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats and want to maintain them as our focal point.

We will give you updates every night on the happenings of Phoenix, but we plan to step away from the email inquiries and personal messaging. Our goal is to ensure the success of his treatment and recovery.

It's funny; we had someone say to us, "I've never even heard of ACT V Rescue & Rehab". Well, we are a small group and operate on the quality, not quantity way of thinking, and we need to get back to delivering quality care.

We ask for your understanding and hope to build a long and continued relationship with you.

You can learn about donating to, volunteering for or adopting from ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation on their website: 

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Anonymous said...

hoping he gets much better We will be thinking of him and send good thoughts his way


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