Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cheyenne Alicia update

I am so happy we received this update and photos of beautiful Cheyenne from Dr. Silva- this is a wonderful update on her. She was rescued in Barton's Camp Projects and would have never been still living in the condition she was found. Makes it all worthwhile!

Hi guys, Cheyenne here. Ah-life is good for me here and spring is in the air. I can smell it from the flowers that are peeping out in our yard and see it in the grass coming out of the ground. Lots birds are singing happily too: All the ones that live here and new ones coming to visit. Pretty soon, the tiny hummingbirds will show up too. I cannot tell a lie. Ever since you guys rescued me, my life has been going in a positive direction. I’m coming out of my shell more and more every day. Too much, my mommy and daddy say because a few months ago I decided to test my boundaries. I took off on our property and decided to explore. I was really looking for the deer that come by and visit us every night because we have two deer feeders for them. We don’t hunt. My forever mommy and daddy just feed the critters. Everyone is welcome here: squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, deer, armadillos and we have even have visits from foxes, coyotes and a bobcat, except for mice. Mommy and daddy have a little war going on with them lately because they were not so nice. Even though they have lots of room to roam and lots of food they share with the birds, they crawled into our two cars and cost mommy and daddy lots of headaches. I told the mice to go away, but they didn’t listen and now they’re welcome anymore. At least, not for a long, long, long time from now. 
Now I know why my mommy and daddy don’t just let us run around on our eighteen acres. They don’t want us to get hurt or hurt another animal. I didn’t want to hurt any deer. I just wanted to find them and run with them, but daddy didn’t like that He came looking for me because I wouldn’t come back. I heard his voice calling, but I was so caught on a smell that I had to go find the source of it. I hopped around the woods and saw and heard my daddy, but my Husky instinct was just too strong to turn back and run to him. I was having so much fun running and skipping about. I ran so much that I almost made it next door to the neighbor’s property. That is, until I decided to stop and go pee pee. When I did that, daddy grabbed my collar and looped a belt around it and we walked back home. Daddy was annoyed, but didn’t hit or yell me, though I did get a stern look. Mommy came to meet us and I got a lecture from her. I was so happy that I didn’t mind. I got to explore and had fun, though my brother Damon wasn’t with me. My mommy and daddy said that I blew it though: That they couldn’t trust me off a leash anymore and that I had to go back on the long rope when we go walking again.
I’m so disappointed, but they love me. They told me that there are lots of bad things in the world and lots of mean people and anything could have happened to me. I wouldn’t like that. I also wouldn’t like leaving my big bed that I get to sleep with mommy and daddy and my brother Damon and my kitty sister Princess. I wouldn’t want to lose out on my doggie cookies that I get to eat after dinner every night. I’d miss out on a great deal if I ran away, but the smells out in the woods surrounding our house were so cool. Oh-well, I can live without it to live with my forever family. I just wish that we got some snow here, but mommy and daddy said it doesn’t happen much down here, if at all. That’s okay. I can live with that. Besides, even though I’m a Husky girl mixed with German shepherd I think I spent too much time outdoors on the Reservation not being warm enough because I really love having a fireplace in our house. I look at it all year long, and then, when it is on, I am so happy. I also love that mommy keeps a big colorful afghan on the bed in the winter. It is so cozy and comfy and I like to snuggle on it.
Until next time, Cheyenne is signing off. Tonight, while we watch TV we’re going to eat popcorn. Whenever daddy eats popcorn, he makes us both a bowl of our very own. Yummy for our tummies. Sometimes, we even get a ginger snap and that’s even better than a doggie cookie. Bye for now.

Love, Cheyenne 
P.S. I was once known as Alicia but now proudly known as Cheyenne Alicia or Chey Chey (sounds like shy-shy). My mommy and daddy are sending some cool photos of moi. Aren’t I cute and happy and sassy now?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, Cheyenne Alicia, you are absolutely beautiful!! And it sounds like you have the most wonderful, loving family around.
We are happy for you and proud of the great progress you have made.
Please keep in contact, will you? We love the stories and photos.


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