Thursday, September 8, 2011

Freckles & her kittens

The night before the May clinic, there was a large dump of cats on the driveway in the middle of the night at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. There were seven adult cats and a mama cat with her newborn litter.

The mama was very skinny and had little milk. Her five kittens were newborn, perhaps a day old. The runt died on day 2 here at the shelter.

We are feeding mama kitten kibble and canned food and she is trying to be a good mama.

I know the metro is clogged up with kittens, but do you suppose there is a foster home out there for this little teen mama?

Thank you- Karen

When I received this note from Karen, I decided this group probably needed an experienced foster mom -- like me! The kittens were tiny and the mom was emaciated, dehydrated and had diarrhea. It took three trips to the vet for fluids, medicine, and special food, but all recovered fully. They were spayed/neutered on Tuesday and are ready for adoption!

Mom is a sweet, loving tortie with a bright speckled face, so I've named her Freckles.

The four kittens are three boys, two orange and one black, and one girl who is a tortie mini of her mom.

From left to right, Dorito is all bright orange with stripes and spots and Diego is a slightly buff orange with white feet and chest. The two orange boys are great pals and love to play.

The dark kittens are quieter and more lovey; they also tend to pair off together. Twyla is a pretty little fluffy dark tortie girl with an extra toe on one front foot -- how special! Twizzler is a sleek black kitten with an extra toe on each front foot and he is the biggest lap kitty of all.

Learn more about them on our website:!



Anonymous said...

Thank you Denise for taking this litte family!!

Jo Tallchief said...

My black kittens, from different litters, used to pair off together, too. I always kinda suspected they had the same father ... suspicions, I tell you! ^_^ Thank you, Denise! I'd love to be able to foster - hopefully again some day soon!


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