Thursday, August 3, 2017

Youth Works Returns to RLRR Shelter

It is the 7th year that Youth Works has partnered with Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue and provided volunteer labor to give the shelter its annual “facelift.” The first group came the last week of June and reorganized and cleaned the food shelf area.

All food and supplies were removed from the shed and the food was replaced with the new in the back and the older in the front. The volunteers also opened all the sample packages of food so it could be used.

They built the fire pit used for our Wednesday night group meeting. One the way back to Red Lake they mowed and cleaned the cemetery.

This group came from Monticello, Minnesota and Chicago, Illinois all the way to the Red Lake Reservation where they not only help RLRR but also other programs on the reservation such as Boys and Girls Club.

We appreciate all their help making the shelter and grounds so much nicer for the companion animals that we serve. Thank you, Youth Works!


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