Thursday, February 23, 2017

Update on Phoenix!

Any longtime followers of the stories of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue will remember Phoenix who came to us in February of 2015, but here is brief history. You can read all our stories about him by searching for "phoenix" on this blog.

It was truly a miracle that Clayton was hauling his garbage to the dump and found this puppy howling and trying to get out of a burning dumpster. Clayton pulled the puppy (now called Phoenix) from the fire and called the DNR who transported him to RLRR. Clayton took the photo above of Phoenix charred and sitting in the snow and trash.

We were very thankful that ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation was willing to take him almost immediately.

Phoenix was gently shaved and his wounds were tended until he was ready for surgery to patch his burned skin.

His physical healing took months

He wore a cone and special suits to protect his skin.

It was a very painful process as is any recovery from burns.

He also had extensive training to help modify his sometimes unpredictable behavior.

Ultimately, he went to Higher Ground Animal Sanctuary to live where he has room to run and play with other dogs.

Here is a picture of Phoenix from December 2016. (Posted on Christmas Day. :-)
He is doing well at Higher Ground Animal Sanctuary (Where we *stole* his picture.) Their website is:
We ensured his safety and well-being for the rest of his life, and he lives like a King! They love him to bits and pieces.

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