Thursday, September 22, 2016

Elsa: Starving mama dog

The first time I set eyes on Elsa, I felt so sorry for her.

She was starving, had quills in her front shoulder, and was trying to care for her puppies. Then we got the sad story that, in order to survive, Elsa had eaten two of her puppies that had died. Her remaining three puppies were alive and well and soon old enough to go to care with our friends at ARVSS in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

For Elsa, it was going to take a long while until she was well. Not only was she a physical mess, but she was also fearful and mistrusted people’s good intentions. Elsa went to the vet the day after she arrived and had what quills could be removed taken out. The quills had been there for a while and some were embedded in her shoulder, so Elsa would hop on three legs. She was spayed and vaccinated and began her journey of healing.

After three months with Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, Elsa is now walking on all four legs and is in very good physical condition. Elsa is also more trusting of people she encounters. We hope Elsa will soon be taken in by one of our partner rescues and find her forever home.

Elsa loves playing with the other dogs at the shelter and, while she seems to assume the "alpha female" position, she gets along really well with all the other dogs.

Recently with the closing of the Shed and the end of the 20 for 20 program, it is more difficult to get good quality kibble for cats and dogs at Red Lake. We are so thankful to our supporters who have provided food for the shelter and also for the community animals such as Elsa who are suffering malnourishment. 

Here is Elsa celebrating a beautiful fall day here at RLRR with all her friends!

Karen Good

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Unknown said...

Thank Goodness that she was saved. Blessings to you & the entire team for helping our animals. Much love & respect


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