Monday, August 29, 2016

August clinic

The August clinic was huge success with MNSNAP performing a total of 109 spay/neuter surgeries, including a rabbit!

There were 70 animals that received wellness/vaccination exams, 7 animals received other medical attention, 18 dogs were groomed or received nail trims, and 17 animals were surrendered. This is all good news that so many people are bringing their animals in for care.

We watched a preview of the future of rescue. We had 6 amazing “kids” with giant hearts, as a part of our volunteer crew.

First, there was Sam. A 20-year-old, she was our clinic groomer, and did a magnificent job! She has such a heart for grooming dogs, that she came to volunteer even before she starts grooming school in September.

Our veteran volunteer was Destiny, at only14 years old! She wants to become a veterinarian and is a Red Lake resident. She has volunteered at several clinics over the past years, stopping in after school or working full days at summer clinics. She really enjoyed and appreciated Dr. Kim allowing her the opportunity to observe pre-op and surgery.

Aurelia, 20 years old, and Colin, 15, were volunteering at their 6th clinic. They have been joining their moms, who have been volunteering at RLRR clinics for several years.

After adopting a RLRR dog a few years ago, brothers John, 16, and Ethan, 13, were working their second clinic 

We also met another local resident who would like to become a veterinarian someday. Delacia, age 10, brought her Pug in for vaccines. We hope to see her volunteering in the future. 

We had a great group of adults, too. A big THANK YOU to all our volunteers Allison, Jessica, Kim and Aurelia, Barb with John and Ethan, Beth and Sam, Amy and Colin, Jenny, Amy, Liz, Steph, Wendy, and Aaron. 

These volunteers helped make this clinic a success by walking and feeding animals, cleaning hundreds of crates, carrying hundreds of pounds of dog and cat food, preparing human meals, washing dishes (human and animal), carrying animals, bottle feeding kittens, tracking paperwork, loading animals into and out of Karen’s van, and many other jobs.

A very special thank you to Aaron Sawdey who not only worked alongside us but took all these beautiful photos as well. More photos can be seen on our Facebook page, in the clinic post and photo album.

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