Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The horror of an embedded collar

It was a sad night at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue when a juvenile puppy arrived with an embedded chain around its neck. Poor Buffy, a beautiful German shepherd, is about 6 months old and only weighs 25 lbs.

She is very malnourished and has suffered all her life with this tight chain which now had grown into her neck leaving a large gash all around her neck, very deep and infected. The deepest laceration was under the chin. The odor was so strong I had to drive with the window open on the way to the vet. 

Buffy had a severe infection and a high fever. This sweet soul, immune to her pain, was wagging her tail as I took her into the vet. 

There is a risk that the chain could cut the carotid artery and the animal will bleed to death or that the larynx would be destroyed in the process of removing chain. But, my fear and sadness turned to joy when I heard from the vet that she successfully removed it. Then, I knew Buffy's healing could begin.

Thank you to our supporters who make funds available to provide life-saving medical care.

There is not greater joy than to free an animal from an embedded chain or collar. The suffering leading up to their freedom cannot be imagined. I know that these photos are shocking, but this is the reality. Healing will be long and slow.

We are so happy that our wonderful rescue partners ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation were willing to take on Buffy's care and she was transported to them over the weekend.

Sincerely, Karen 




Cherie Winchester said...

Poor baby!! I cannot comprehend the ignorance and neglect that led to the suffering of this poor puppy. God bless you for your kindness to our animal friends. Please tell me the person responsible for this heinous crime are going to be prosecuted.

Lisa Johnston said...

OMG!!! Where and who are these people who would torture an innocent, loving animal like this? I can't believe my eyes. Please, please, please tell me those responsible for this unconscionable crime will be prosecuted, then punished, then fined, and then punished again. When will this stop? Thank you for saving this gorgeous baby! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Cherie Winchester said...

Was hos nose hurt? I'm wonderchaiecause of the pic of him in the cage with the chain still on him. Maybe its justt a shadow but it looks like he has a huge lump on his nose.
P.S. The first text I was writing disappeared. I may have inadvertently sent it. Thank you for all that you do for our furry friends. God bless!!

Unknown said...

Thank you RLRR, ACT V, and foster mom!! The previous comment does send my mind back to so many previous incidents of neglect, abuse, and outright torture. Has anyone in Red Lake ever been identified as responsible for extreme abuse or charged with a crime against animals?

BON824 said...

wow :( that poor pup! I'm so glad he was able to be saved and is healing... he'll never have to live like that again.


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