Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hannah is recovering

Hannah came to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue cowering in her crate- Her eyes were swollen shut and she had porcupine quills embedded all over her.

The quills were broken and she was badly infected. We feared Hannah would be blind! Paul and Phyllis picked up Hannah in Ponemah and were told she had had the quills for over a week. 

The next morning she was taken to the vet where they began pulling the remnants of the broken embedded quills. She was tranquillized and when the procedure was done she slowly wagged her tail as if to say “Thank You.”

Hannah remained at the vet for the next day, on antibiotics and pain management. On the second day she returned to the RLRR shelter where her healing began. This little lady had been a mama and the evidence of lactation was there. She was medium sized, but very thin. After the quills were removed, she began eating canned and dry food eagerly.

Twice a day ointment was put in her eyes and she was given pain medications and antibiotics. Soon one eye opened, and there was a glimmer of hope. Finally, the other eye opened and, although it was very red and infected, it slowly began to look like sight was restored.

Hannah was a lovely girl, who was soon accepted by Pet Haven. It was discovered there that she also had heartworm, so will undergo treatment under their care.

Thank you to our supporters and Pet Haven for helping Hannah. Now this little girl will live out a full life and have something we all treasure- eyesight!


Hannah has been a champ about taking all of her medications. I was also able to get her eye ointment in without a problem. Her eyes look much better and the swelling continues to go down on her face. We may have more quills to remove. I think I feel some on her face. She seems to be feeling better and is getting some energy. She likes short walks and is friendly to other dogs she meets. I don't let her off of her leash because she doesn't know her commands and would probably be in the next zip code given half a chance.

Her favorite things to do include lounging on her bed or any other comfy place, walking on a leash and chewing on her bone.

We first told you about Hannah in November. At that time, all we knew was that a shepherd mix from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue had porcupine quills in both her eyes and her snout and needed a calm, quiet foster home.

Since then Hannah has secured an amazing foster home and she has been doing pretty well, learning the ropes of indoor living and trying to recover from her many ailments.

Today she went to the vet where she got more quills taken out of her snout and additional eye medication. We are so proud to report that she was a “perfect patient.” We will start her heartworm treatment in a few weeks and by spring she will be ready for her forever home!

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