Monday, September 14, 2015

Trials of Bobbi and her kittens

Bobbi and her litter of two kittens were surrendered to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Avis, our friend who saves animals in Redby, took the family and secured them until they could come to the shelter on August 1st. 

We were told that three other kittens had been given away. Unfortunately, Bobbi’s kittens were only about 3 weeks old and far too young to thrive on their own. Karen and Kevin were able to track down one of the kittens, so now Bobbi had three. They were badly infected with fleas and mama had very little milk.

Mary Ann of Pet Haven took Bobbi and her kittens on the next transport and the family is doing well in her care.

At the clinic on August 14th, almost 2 weeks later, another of Bobbi’s kittens showed up. It was a little black and white tuxedo kitten -- very tiny and very hungry. Avis found this kitten as it was in a garbage bag ready to be thrown in the garbage.

Avis, of course, took the little one and brought it to the clinic. We are still missing one of Bobbi's kittens and fear for it's future, but the tuxedo went with Heather and was transported to Mary Ann of Pet Haven to re-join the family. Mary Ann reports that the kitten is being force-fed and is biting. She suspects the kitten was teased in its previous home.

Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue discourages the passing around of puppies and kittens as disposable toys for children. It is disgraceful to take a kitten or puppy at this age, use them as living toys then simply toss them in the garbage.

We must change this practice. Animals are NOT toys! They have feelings and can live a long life if given the opportunity. - They are not disposable. 

Sincerely, Karen RLRR

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Anonymous said...

Some people are heartless and disgusting!!!! Animals are helpless on their own.


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