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Newsletter (December 2007)

December 2007 Red Lake Rosie Rescue Newsletter

Animals rescued and placed in November
43 dogs and puppies, 10 cats and kittens

December Transports
Thanks to Diane Dunker (Dec 6) and Donna Perrozzi Jensen and her husband (Dec 15,16)

* Transport/Shelter Work Needed January & February *
Please contact Lynn if you can work a Saturday at the shelter socializing animals, cleaning & organizing and transporting animals to the Cities on a Sunday. Stay at Karen’s in the peaceful country.
Canned cat and dog food Does any one know a source for free or inexpensive good quality canned dog and cat food on an ongoing basis? Karen also needs canned food now.
Kitty litter (if going to Karen’s stop in Bemidji and buy some)
Large garbage bags, Tide laundry detergentLightweight sturdy garden rakes (2) for straw
Pooper scoopers (6) long handled pan with rake to hang on kennels
Monetary Donations for canned food, cat food, kitty litter, milk replacement, bedding, kennels, fencing, shelter supplies, medicine
No blankets or towels needed at this time

RLRR Visit Comments
Twlya: I had a wonderful weekend – worked hard and thoroughly enjoyed meeting Kevin and Karen and working with Tanya and Mike. Karen is a very gracious, hospitable, humble person. I felt like I was in the presence of Mother Theresa. It would be so easy for Karen to get angry that the animals are in this terrible living situation on the reservation, but she seems determined to do what she can with the resources and help she has. She doesn't seem to "expect" anything, just graciously accepts help when it's offered. It's certainly an overwhelming situation, but I'm reminded of the starfish analogy –
"An old man walked up a shore littered with thousands of starfish,beached and dying after a storm. A young man was picking them up andflinging them back into the ocean. "Why do you Bother?" the old manscoffed. "You're not saving enough to make a difference." The youngman picked up another starfish and put it back into the water. "Made a different to that one," he said." And that is what Karen and Red Lake Rosie's is doing. They are savingwho they can. Because we can't help all doesn't mean we shouldn't help who we can. Tanya: Our visit was very worthwhile and a humbling experience. Karen is definitely making a difference up there on the reservation! She truly is a special gal.....a real Wonder Woman! Karen and Kevin are wonderfully sincere people who should be commended on their efforts in helping to end animal cruelty. All of the work they do should not go unnoticed. I'm hopeful for the future of Rosie's Red Lake Rescue and I have faith that some day all the people on the reservation will understand how important it is to respect and take care of God's animals. Karen is definitely leading the way to a better world for both animals and the people of Red Lake. Also, Twyla was a pleasure to work with and meet. She is a great person too! I'm blessed to have met such kind and caring people!

A very gracious donor will match up to $5,000 for donations made through the end of January 2008. Make out donations to Red Lake Rosie Rescue Inc, and send to Karen Good. Please write matching donation on your check.

Another way to double your donation any time is with matching donations from your work.


Thank You
Twyla Hobbs, Tanya Koester-Radmann and Mike Koester for their wonderful work at the shelter and animal transport in November. Mike also put plastic around the shelter building – no water problems for the first time in years in spite of very cold temps.

Tom and Nancy O'Sullivan for transporting and unloading food and Erich at the Chaska Shed for his generosity.

Crystal Berntson for hosting the November RLRR meeting.

Dee Dee Welles for transporting, placing animals and fostering the sweet neglected mini dachshund Minnie Mouse.

Jan Karpel for igloo pads, Linda Ratay for beautiful fleece throws, Donna Perrosi Jenson & Dee Dee for tarps.

RLRR Support Team for working at the shelter, transporting, donations and helping out in so many other ways. Joan Lawson (spay/neuter) $2,000.00
Jodi Ehlenz and Cause for Paws (vet for cats) $1,000.00 Dr. Bruce and Sandy Mack $300.00
Joan Jones and Piper Jaffery Gift Match $200.00Chris Moore $100.00Ben Moore and Vick Bull $50.00Laurie Seebert $100.00Linda Bauman $100.00
Claudia Wielgorecki $80.00
Carol Bohumil $40.00Patty Good $100.00

Next RLRR meeting will be in January – date to be announced

Lynn Mecum
RLRR Support Team Coordinator
Contact me if you can help RLRR. If you have helped, please let me know so we can thank you in our newsletter!

Karen Good
Red Lake Rosie Rescue, Inc.
RR #1
Trail, MN 56684
www.Redlakerosie.piczo.com (check out website)

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