Friday, July 31, 2009

New State-Wide Phone Directory for Spay/Neuter Services

An exciting new service is going to be available to Minnesota residents very soon. A Minnesota state-wide directory of spay/neuter services, this directory will be a valuable service for residents of Minnesota, as well as animal welfare advocates looking to promote spay/neuter services.

This service will be broken down into two primary categories: TNR programs for feral cats and Low-cost/no-cost spay/neuter services for companion pets.

Programs in these categories will then be broken down into different areas of the state, and different service types.

Even more importantly, this new directory will be able to accept toll-free calls from anywhere in the state, and to connect callers to the programs in their area that best fit their needs. Think of it as a centralized, "411" for spay/neuter services.

Currently, there are about a dozen programs around the state that are to be included. Your assistance is requested to help ensure that no program is left out. There is no cost for being listed.

To ensure a program is listed, simply send me an email titled "Spay/Neuter Directory"

In the body of the email, include the phone number used to accept calls from the public regarding spay/neuter services.

Include the name of the organization. Also include a general description of the program including relevant information, geographic area served and other relevant information as you deem appropriate for example, is there an income requirement and, if so, what is it. The information you provide will be used to help ensure that callers directed to your program are somewhat pre-screened for compatibility.

Please share this email with others in the Minnesota animal welfare community to help ensure the directory does not leave anyone out!

Mike Fry
Executive Director of Animal Ark

23 animals turned in to RLRR in ONE day: HELP!

I know that all the rescues in the state are swamped with surrendered adult animals and unwanted kittens and puppies from unspayed and unneutered adults. We are working on spay/neuter, but at this moment we need to do our best to help these lives with nowhere to go through no fault of their own.

This is why "open door" facilities still exist. They can take in an endless number of animals because they use the option of euthanizing even adoptable animals. Humans need to be more responsible.

Please contact Karen directly if you can help or write to

Among the animals that came in yesterday:
RAVENRaven juvenile, petite, spayed, AHPP and Rabies shots, HW neg Lymes pos on doxy. Nice girl.
CLEOWILLAtotal litter of 5 sheps, lone pup, another lone pup, One larger pup
FIVE SHEP PUPS8 kittens -real small and of course Charlton, larger kitten who is getting healtier each day.

Dogs needing TLC seek transfer to rescues

We are organizing another Neuter/Spay clinic in Redby serving the Red Lake Reservation cats and dogs on August 7 - 8, 2009. This clinic is sponsored by Akin Hills Pet Hospital in Farmington, MN and Animal Ark Neuter Comuter in Hastings, MN. Funding is provided by Lawson Family Fund and we have applied for a renewal of DJ and T Foundation which hopefully be approved for this clinic.

We are hoping we do not have lots of surrendered and homeless animals, however, are thinking there will be a number of cats and dogs needing a place to go when the dust settles and the clinic is over.

We did clear many kennels last Sunday, however, we have had animals coming in each day. We are hoping that our friends in rescue can commit to take animals during and after clinic as we will have transport opportunities on Saturday and Sunday, August 8 and 9. So far we have a commitment from Pet Haven to take 2-3 puppies. We will be sending out a list of current animals needing a placement. Right now we have:

CLETUS1) Cletus, shep mix came in April clinic with quills, malnutrition, lymes, anaplasmosis and heartworm. He has been neutered, has DHPP and Rabies shots, was treated with doxy for 21 days and has had heartworm treatment June 22 and 23 at Clearwater Vet. He will need retesting in 4 months to make sure he is heartworm free. He is a nice dog- alpha male and well socialized.

MORGAN2) Morgan, Male black lab shep cross, came in 2 days ago starving and saracoptic mange. He was neutered today 7/28/09, got his DHPP and Rabies shot. He is heartworm NEG, and lymes pos. He is taking doxy. Very nice dog with a very sad beginning. Found homeless in the housing project.

RAJA3) Raja , shep mix came in yesterday and we took to the vet as he was infected in the nose. X-rays showed that Raja has been shot in the nose and has bullet fragments all over in the nasal area. Vet thinks he was shot about a month ago. He is infected. He was nuetered today, got DHPP and rabies shots, Heatworm NEGATIVE, lymes positive, and the vet put him on Doxycycline hoping that it will work on his lymes plus on the nasal infection. We are looking for a rescue to take on Raja and give him the care he needs. Wonderful dog!!

Thank you for your help placing these unwanted animals.

Karen Good RLRR

I got a disturbing request today from a lady on the reservation in Ponemah that she wants to dump 8 kittens, 3 female cat adults, 2 male adult, l adult fe dog, and l pup so we are taking them all in tomorrow. This in from ONE household.

She had a total of 15 animals and ALL UNALTERED.

I am going to do my best to get them altered at the clinic and we will be trying to find placements--I realize cats are abundant everywhere, but I wanted you to know.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update on Gina & Georgie Girl

Remember Gina and Georgie Girl?
Here's Gina & Georgie Girl now!They are doing well in foster care with Caring Hands.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BIG Transport to clear kennels before August clinic

Greetings! I wanted to share the information on another large 30 animal transport that left RLRR over the weekend. Some animals are in the metro area and others are enroute to ARVSS in Wisconsin.
We want to thank the faithful transporters Tom and Nancy O. who met the RLRR van in Bemidji and took the animals to meet Barbara O. in Motley. Barbara took them on to St. Cloud and into the metro. This great team has often stepped forward to help move the Red Lake animals and we are so thankful for them.

We have had a great influx of animals at the shelter and we are mindful that we have to clear out the kennels as much as we can for the upcoming animal clinic in early August. We are hoping the surrenders and homeless animal numbers decrease but want to be prepared for them.

We sent out 27 dogs/pups and 3 cats/kittens to the following organizations: Tricounty Humane Society; Pet Haven; Pet Projects; Red Lake Rosie's Petfinder Foster homes in Rogers; and ARVSS in Wisconsin, which is a foster-based program where we have sent many animals in the past.

Tricounty Humane Society- St. Cloud
GOLDIERUBYRuby is spayed and has her shots. She is a great gal and we are hopeful that she will be adopted real soon.
PRISCILLAPriscilla, the cat, was surrendered and we sent her to be spayed right away. She is a real nice cat.
PAIR OF KITTENSThese 2 little kittens are lovely and went to Tricounty Humane Society. With the numbers of cats, it is very hard to find foster homes for the cats and kittens. IF YOU THINK YOU COULD FOSTER FOR RLRR, PLEASE FIND MORE INFORMATION ON OUR WEBSITE,

ARVSS- Wisconsin
JEWELZMANNYManny came here all skin and bones and has made good weight gains in the past 2 weeks. He is a great little dog, on his way to a real home, and no more starving for him.
BARRYEWING DUCKBarry and Ewing Duck were stray puppies found wandering. They both are great pups and have foster homes now. No more foraging for food and no more homeless status for these boys!
KEYNAKeyna was surrendered with another dog as the owner could not feed the 4 dogs she had. They all have mange. Poor little Keyna had a gash on her face from food competition and has come out of her shell and gained weight already now that she has a good food and water supply.
FELICIASEVEN DWARFS PUPSTHREE MUSKETEERS PUPSPuppies, Puppies. We sent out lots of puppies, and were able to get one of the mamas spayed. We have been told by the owners that they will spay at the August clinic. We hope they do.
EDWINAEdwina has a very sad story. She is the only survivor of her litter who came here on 7/12/09. The litter of pups was starving and mange infested already. Then kids in the neighborhood where they lived hung the puppies by the neck and threw stones at them until they all died, except Edwina. A lady got the puppy away from the kids and we got her. The people do not know the kids involved and would give no information. Despite her shockingly tragic circumstances, Edwina is a "hoot". She is such a great pup and has a wonderful "I am happy" attitude. A real doll. She is going into foster care.
RLRR Petfinder fosters
Pet Projects
Pet Haven
JONNIE CAKESThat is 30 little souls and we wish safe travels to everyone- We thank you for helping get each of these angels out to a better life. Mike and I will sure miss the ones we sent out, as they were a great group of very social animals, and they all got along.

A special thank you for the RLRR supporters, transporters, food donors, and receiving groups. All but 5 went to foster care. We wish we could say ALL went to foster care which is our goal.

Sincerely- Karen Good and RLRR

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Canine Charlie Brown

Here's an update on Charlie Brown who came into the April Clinic VERY sick. We did not know if he was going to make it or not. Turns out he was very constipated and once we got his bowels moving- he got well real soon.

He came to the shelter after the clinic and went to Caring Hands.
See the pics!! Karen
Here are some pictures of Charlie Brown. He turned out to be a such a great dog. He was my buddy. He was with me for over 2 months and I miss him. He found a wonderful couple to become his family.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Gracie's good life

Dear Denise: A Happy Story for a sad little girl. She had a puppy
stuck in her, so was surrendered. 2 puppies were born alive and both died. :( Anyway- look at Gracie now!! Karen

GRACIE (MISHKWA) BEFOREHow Gracie was adopted:

So let me tell you Gracie's story - I reluctantly adopted her on Easter Sunday, not because I don't love animals, but because I love them too much. I had 2 dogs since I was in my 20's and lost the last one in my mid 40's at the age of 18+, my heart was broken.

My sister, among others, knew my heart was empty, so in her networking she met a women who fostered animals from the Red Lake Rescue. She kept sending me photos encouraging me to adopt one, but I couldn't get myself to go. The joke was I wanted a pocket puppy so it could go on an airplane.

One day I got yet another photo. I had not much of a reaction, but the dog was going to be blocks from where I was going to be on Easter Sunday... I thought, well, I'll go see, but they have a bunch of people lined up to meet her, so no big deal if I don't adopt her.

On Easter Sunday, the entire family is at my sister's house. We pack up the car (3 sisters, a niece and a boyfriend) to go meet this little mutt. I told everyone, I am not ready for another dog, so this little girl will have to tell me that "I am her mommy" before I take her home.

We drive up and everyone runs up to see the puppies, but I reluctantly walk behind because I am not sure I am ready for this.....little Gracie, or "Mishkwa" her original name, runs right past everyone to jump on me to claim her mom.... At least that's what they tell me; everything was a blur to me and was in slow motion.

I look to my significant other hoping he'd give me my out since he wanted a bigger dog. I said "what do you think" hoping he'd say "I'd wait to see if there is a better match especially being so many are waiting to meet her", but he didn't say any such thing. He said "you have to take her". So Gracie moved to Victoria on Easter Sunday.

I thought I'd save her life and the reality is she saved MINE.

If there is a void in your life - these furry little friends will fill that hole ten fold!!!!! Adopt an animal or support the rescues like Red Lake will never regret it!

I thought you'd get a kick out of some of our photos of our little girl Gracie.My niece likes to dress her up & Gracie loves her....Gracie has gone boating, camping, road trips, she loves riding in the convertible and oh how people stare....:)
Gracie's birthday celebration!
She gets cuter every day...and everyone loves her. There is a waiting list of people who want to baby-sit....can you believe that one!!!
WE LOVE HER MORE EVERY DAY!!! (B kisses her good-bye every morning)
P.S. don't tell Gracie but once we are more settled she "may" get a little sister.....
Best Regards

Sunday, July 26, 2009

RLRR dogs at Pet Haven

Check out the updates on these Red Lake Rosie's Rescue dogs at the Pet Haven dog blog:


LULU IS ADOPTED: Hi-I just talked to Lulu's new mom who absolutely loves her. She is lives by Lake Harriet with lots of time to fuss over Lulu. They have been going for one mile walks everyday.

P. has had Cavaliers before but having a 35lb mix is a bit of a change. But Lulu has already won her heart and a spot on P's bed. So Lulu has gone from being chained to a tree all of her life to being a pampered lap dog.

N, thanks for watching over her while she went through treatment.
And then for fostering her. P says you can come by and see her anytime. She also will be bringing her to BVH so maybe you can see her then. Thanks Karen for rescuing her. L

Blondie & Izzy

Junior (nka Cookie)

Cody (fka Fred)

RLRR dogs at Animal Ark

Hi Karen: Erin, Erica and Elizabeth are now on Ark's website - not sure who you called what but Elizabeth is definitely chow mix - curled tail, lots of black on her tongue. I think Erin is the most shepherd looking - she is also the biggest. They also had their second shots today, bordatella and heartgaard - all doing well, really sweet gals.

Nancy says that her three lil' black shep guys have been getting lots of attention and may possibly be adopted out by this weekend!! Just goes to show that black is not the "dreaded" color -

Tell Mike Sarge is doing well - still at Ark receiving treatment - just a big lover boy - gave him another brushing today - gosh, one would think I was shearing a sheep by the amount of hair he gets brushed out of him - he does love it!!

Hope all is going well for you - actually, I love this cool weather though I would like the sun!! Great dog walking weather -

Don't forget Angelica!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Walmart kitties

KAREN SAYS: One day I was in Bemidji and made a stop at Walmart. As I came out of the store I noticed a van with the hatchback up and a sign that said "FREE KITTENS". Naturally I drove over to the vehicle and asked how many animals they had. They replied "4 kittens and also the mama".

I did talk to the woman and her children and told them that giving away animals at the Walmart parking lot is not a good idea. I explained that people go to Walmart to shop, not adopt pets. The people who most often take the pets are not prepared for the responsibility of caring for the pet. Also, it a spontaneous decision often based on the children in the car that see the kitten or the puppy, and they want it. So the parent gets the animal as a "toy" for the child, after all it IS free. The animal most often lives a horrible life and when it gets a little bigger is thrown away. I was hoping I got through to the lady about it.

Well- I took the mama, who I named Shilo and her 4 kittens. I stopped at the Clearwater Vet on the way home and left Shilo who was spayed the next day. Two of her 4 kittens were taken immediately by a vet tech who works at the clinic who was looking for 2 kittens. The rest of the family came to RLRR shelter.

TWO WALMART KITTENSThey have all been placed now and Shilo left last Sunday and is posted on the Tricounty Humane Society webpage as follows:

SHILOShilo 37214

Hello, my name is Shilo. I am just as cute as the dog Shiloh! I will give you lots of love and affection. I am a very sweet girl willing to share my great personality with you. I came from another shelter so the people here don't know a whole lot about me, however they have found me to be a gentle, quiet, friendly girl who enjoys attention. I might be a little shy at first, but if you just give me a little time I will show you that I am a very loving girl. Give me a chance and I will not let you down! I was altered at the shelter and I will be ready to go home on 7-18-09, however a deposit will hold me through 7-19-09. I am 3 years old and I weigh 10.2 pounds. My adoption fee will be $56.00. jh

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dora's other sister, Gypsy

Here is an update on one of the puppies I was fostering. She is another of Dora's sisters, but Dora is still waiting for a forever home!!!

Isn't she cute. :)



Just wanted to say thanks again for your wonderful help with Gypsy. She's been doing GREAT. She seemed to adjust right away. We decided not to crate train her and she's doing PERFECT:) Very smart & not destructive. She's 15 lbs now. Her floppy ear has switched sides, lol.

I've talked to the vet about DNA testing her but we havn't done it yet. They are certain though that she is part Australian Cattle Dog. I see her sister is still waiting for adoption. I hope she finds a home soon!

Thanks again,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rescued collies

Dakota, Red Lake Collie makes her television debut on KARE 11!! Great news. We love Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue. Karen

Hi Karen:
I thought you might be interested in a story that just ran on Kare 11 about Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue. I know you have spoken to Mary Hickerson (our President) and that Lori Stolle adopted a collie that came from you. The news clip includes film of both Mary and Lori and some of the collies that came from a rescue that we did of five (the story said three but it was five) collies from Oklahoma. Included in the clip is a shot of Dakota (the collie that came from you and was adopted by Lori). Dakota is the one lying on his side under a bush.


Rescued collies ready for new homes
Updated: 7/23/2009 7:29:45 AM

It started with an ad on Craig's List, but ended with the rescue of three grossly underweight and sick collies from Oklahoma.

Two of the dogs were even missing front legs.

The Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue Organization stepped in to help the dogs, and brought them to the Midwest to recover. The dogs are now healthy and ready for adoption.

For more information on adopting the dogs, or the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue, visit

(Copyright by KARE. All Rights Reserved.)
All Material Copyright 2009 KARE-11. All Rights Reserved.

Sage -- Week One in her new home

This little girl was from the litter of 8 from Red Lake. We had gotten four of them. Dora, her sister is still in foster care. No one has applied for her YET. :(
We got an update from Sage's new home.


Here are some pictures - you can see how Sage's coat is changing color.

We went to the vet today and she weighs 15lbs! Her check out went great- didn't even make a peep when she got her shot.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rusty / Jiffy / Diesel

This is an update on the little puppy who was named Rusty and had motor oil poured all over him (as an attempt to treat his mange). Karen Good had to give him TWO Dawn soap baths to get him clean! His name with us was Rusty, also known as Jiffy. His new name is Diesel. :)


BABY RUSTYHello - just wanted to update Red Lake Rosie about Rusty (now Diesel). He is doing great. We started puppy classes 4 weeks ago and Diesel is a dynamite learner. We have the fastest recalls in the group and he plants it directly in front of me. I'm an obedience old timer, and can't recall better recalls or fronts from any past obedience companions. He's just 5 months old! His only flaw is his sometimes uncontrolled desire to go greet any passing human - he loooves humans.

GROWING DIESELDiesel now weighs 42 pounds and has German Shepherd-sized paws (maybe bigger). We use his crate only for feeding, otherwise he has the run of the house
day and night. His most important job in life is to be a companion for Echo, our GS, who missed her old friend, Sheltie Oliver. He's all that - they play by the hour and argue over precious throwing sticks which litter the lawn. Diesel is very smart outside around machinery or horses, and knows that it's time to leave the barn when the horses come in.

DIESEL TODAYI love him for his good nature, intelligence and sense of humor. Anyone who doubts that dogs have a sense of humor (even with a history of adversity), just haven't been around dogs long enough.

Once again, I want to thank and praise Diesel's foster Mom. Diesel came to us 99% trained. He came with a lovable and loving personality. This is real fostering.

Thank you;


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