Saturday, August 31, 2013

Foster failure for Livia :-)

It was a cold day January 4th when Mike and Lauren were up helping at Red Lake Rosie's. Our mission was to help Girl the horse by feeding her and building her a winter shelter.

We also had a call that morning from the homeless shelter in Red Lake. A pit bull had moved onto the porch there and stayed. The staff wanted her removed so, as Mike and Lauren worked on the shelter, Karen took a trip to Red Lake to the homeless shelter and found a female pit bull we named Livia.
Livia stayed at the shelter for about 3 weeks, was spayed, and vetted, then came her lucky day when she got accepted by a foster home in Minnesota Pit bull Rescue. We are so happy that she was such a nice gentle girl and well balanced. We had moved her in the cathouse because of the cold weather and since her fur was so short.
My name is Livy and I am a cute, cuddly, smiley, girl! I was pretty shy and timid when I first moved in with my foster family, but I am starting to come around! I like chewing on bones and chasing after the ball a little here and there, but what I REALLY love is laying in my comfy dog bed in the living room or in my kennel. I'm kind of lazy! When I'm not resting, I love having my belly rubbed and my head petted. It makes me SO happy that I smile!

There are two other pups at my foster house and we get along just fine! We play a little bit here and there, but I'd rather get attention from the two-legged people in the house. :) When I get the inkling that they are about to give me attention, I get so excited and whap my tail against the ground and sometimes I fall over to make sure they see that my belly could use a rub!

I'm house and kennel trained and I know sit and stay/wait. I don't mind being in my kennel at all, as long as you make it comfy and cozy for me!

It was so great to get this note from Laura Gray of Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue:

I just wanted to let you know that Livia has officially been adopted by her foster mom. That girl can melt your heart in seconds so it didn't come as a surprise. ;o) 

Friday, August 30, 2013

New name for a new dog :-)

UPDATE FROM RAGOM (Retrieve A Golden Of Minnesota):
I thought you might enjoy this update on Hooch the Golden that we took in back in July of 2011 after he had been attacked by a bear or something. (PleasSee original blog post here.)

As you can see, he is doing great and is going to be a therapy dog!! Thanks for all the great work you do. 

I can not believe this sweet boy has been with us for two years now!! I can't believe my little puppy is going to be turning three next month (September 2013)!

Hunter, formerly Hooch, has grown so well in the time he has been with us. All of the scars from his ordeal as a puppy are gone, and if  you didn't know him, you would never be able to tell he was ever injured!

Hunter will take his final exam to become a therapy dog later this year, but is already registered as a Canine Good Citizen with the AKC.

Hunter quickly became the center of our family. He is my Punkin, my mom's Golden Boy, my dad's Bonfire Buddy and my brother's hunting/fishing partner. His favorite, though, is fishing, hands down! He loves the boat, but he loves jumping off the boat even more! Once Hunt starts swimming, you can't get him to stop!

Hunter goes everywhere with us! His favorite places are Minnehaha Falls because he can swim in the river and Lebanon Park because he can run free on the trails and of course the dog park too.

He loves his two cat "siblings" and is always trying to play with them. He loves to play with the neighbor dogs too and is always sneaking over to their yard to rough house. When he can't sneak out, he loves to play fetch with his humans or throw his octopus around the living room. The octopus gets so much love form Hunter that it has to go to the Hunter Toy Hospital every week to get it's stuffing put back in and be stitched up.
Hunter is the best thing that could have possibly happened to us and I am thankful to RAGOM every day for saving amazing dogs like Hunter.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thanks again to Youth Works!!

Youth Works returned for 3 days July 30, 31 and August 1 to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue. The group included young people and chaperones from Christ United Methodist Church in Bethel Park near Pittsburgh, PA, from Monticello Covenant in Monticello, MN, and from Grandview, Iowa.

The groups were very hardworking as usual. Volunteers painted the cathouse front, the log storage shed, and all the kennels. 

Groups also did brushing and grounds work as well as interacting with the animals. 

The kids loved to bottle-feed the little kittens. 

We appreciate how these groups come in during the summer and make such a great improvement on the shelter. We love the work that Youth Works does!


I just want you to know how much we all enjoyed working with you. Your work is so special and so important! I feel like we learned so much about Red Lake and about the importance of loving God's creatures from you; you are a treasure and a joy to have met. I think we all felt very blessed that we had the opportunity to work alongside you.
 We are meeting tomorrow night with the kids that went on the trip to debrief and put together a presentation for the church service on Sunday. 

 The plan is to let the kids share what they learned and what God showed them during the week, and to bring back the message that both you and Kevin shared with us about how we should seek the truth and get to know the lovely people and culture of Red Lake and how hard all of you are working to make it a better place to live. 
 I will send you some of the kids' comments/feedback, because I think it will be really fun to hear. Red Lake Rosie's was definitely a highlight for all of them.

Also, I have the sage that you gave me dried and sitting in a basket next to my fireplace. It smells great and I see it now as a symbol of peace and I think of the people of Red Lake when I look at it and smell it. It makes me happy :-) 
Say hi to all of the four-legged buddies for me!

Thanks again,
Ana (Youth Works)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

No more quills for Kevin

On August 5, Kevin (formerly known as Midnight) appeared with Ali from Sidewalk Dog on Twin Cities Live! He came in to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue full of porcupine quills on his face and chest. He is now in a foster home with Pet Haven looking for his forever home.

Labrador Retriever/Border Collie Mix: An adoptable dog in Minneapolis, MN
Large • Young • Male

To submit an application please click here

Age: 11 months old
Good with dogs: yes
Good with cats: unknown
Good with kids: unknown, has not been around them but most likely will be fine around them!
Weight: 54lbs
Name/Nicknames: Kevin!
My Story: Midnight came to Red Lake Rosie’s malnourished and covered with porcupine quills. Most of the quills were located in his face and chest. From the pictures you can see all of the scabs from the quills that were removed. He has been doing very well in his foster home since then! Because he didn't respond to the name, Midnight, his fosters tried out a few others and he chose Kevin!

Hobbies: Midnight has had very little interaction with people in the traditional ways the average person is used to. He does not know how to play with a ball or a regular dog toy. He is more interested in just being around his owner by laying at your feet or getting scratched on his head or chest.

Commands/Tricks: Midnight has never been taught any commands or tricks and he is currently learning his name. Though he will come running when you whistle for him.

Crate / Potty Trained: Midnight has lived almost all of his life outside . He is currently being crate trained and potty trained. Even though he does not like going into his crate he is fine once he is inside. He has never had an accident in his crate or in the house.

Activity Level: Currently his activity level is low, but I would guess he will move to a medium level once he is used to his surroundings.

Fun things I do: Midnight loves to be close to any people he can. He likes to follow his foster parent around and will lay at your feet when you sit down. If you are standing next to him he will sometimes lightly chew your hand to get your attention. He also likes to sit in front of you and put his paw in your lap so you will give him attention. He is a sweet boy!

Socialization/who I currently live with: Multiple adults, a year old lab mix and a older small dog.

My Ideal Family: His ideal family would make the time to teach Midnight on how to fit into your household. Just this last week he took his first ride in a car, his first time inside of a house, and his first time up a set of stairs! The one thing you will not have to teach Midnight is how to be your best friend. Midnight loves any kind of attention you will give him and wants nothing more than to be your best friend.

Midnight is attending Pet Haven's medium/large dog adoption events and his adoption fee is $300 (cash or check only) and includes spay/neuter, heartworm check, current vaccinations, and microchip and registration.

Due to post-adoption services provided, it is Pet Haven's policy to only place dogs into homes within a 60-mile radius of the Twin Cities area.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Torbie Triplets!!!

ACT V Rescue and Rehabilitation in Bloomington, MN, took in these three darling tortie/tabby sisters from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. They are in foster care, but anxious to meet potential adopters!!!
Say Hello to our little friends...
Korra, Momo, and Pabu
Momo wants to meeeet youuuu...
Korra and Pabu want to meet you too...!C'mon over...!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Thank you for the food donations!!

Red Lake Rosie recently made a plea for needed dog kibble for the shelter and the upcoming animal clinic.  The response was immediate and more than met the needs and our expectation. Within one day our food needs were met!

A special thank you to John and Chico, Eric of the Shed, Jane, Dee Dee, and all the great people who purchased bags of food at the Gully Coop including Kevin, Kristal, Nancy, Tom and many others.  We did not get the list of all the contributors yet. We are so happy that Red Lake dogs and cats have many generous friends who respond to the food needs of the animals. 
Chico is so cute.  You see, Chico at one time as a malnourished Red Lake dog and is John's right hand man to help deliver food to Red Lake animals! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Aiden transformed

Aiden, a little shepherd mix, arrived on May 9, 2013 at the Red Lake Rosie’s shelter. Nancy and Tom met Karen at Animal Care Clinic to get the little fellow with skin lesions and balding fur from the Cass Lake area.  Poor Aiden had demodex mange and had no where he could go.
Leech Lake Legacy and Red Lake Rosie partnered to help Aiden get healed and get an adoption opportunity.
What a lovely boy he has become in 3 short months with daily ivermectin, antibiotics, fish oil and vitamins, plus a great diet of donated grain free dog kibble. Aiden turned out to be a very lovely dog and now has silky fur and you would never guess that he had ever had mange.
Aiden (now Max) left Sunday, August 18th for All Dog Rescue and foster care with John Rossakis, who made a special trip to help at the shelter, prepare for the clinic and to personally transport Aiden to his home in Minneapolis. I was sad to see him go as he is a very easy dog to get attached to, but so happy that he is going to a great rescue. I want to thank John for taking many foster dogs from Red Lake. John said he has fostered 39 dogs from various places including Red Lake so far which is commendable.

This story is to remind us never to lose hope when it looks hopeless. Aiden is a testimony to that fact!! We love you, Aiden!

We made it back in good time and Aiden is settling in very nicely. I re-named him Max, he likes that name. He's getting along great with all the other animals, he's a very sweet boy. Seems to already be getting the hang of housetraining!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Clinic kittens

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and MN SNAP had a clinic in Redby, MN, this week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It was extremely busy and I'll have more photos soon. 
August 20, these two darling tiny kittens were brought in and surrendered. The brown tabby is a male and the grey dilute tortie is a female. 

t took some effort by several of us, but ACT V Rescue and Rehabilitation in Bloomington, MN, agreed to take them in. They are beautiful and seem to have settled in well already with Rosa, ACT V's eternal foster mom! 
Kittens should be ready for adoption through ACT V in about a month :-)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Story of Faith

On Saturday, August 10th, while unloading garbage at the Red Lake dump, we met Faith.  This little shepherd mix was walking around the garbage foraging for food bits and approaching any stranger she saw just hoping someone would take her home.  She was malnourished and dehydrated and loaded with fleas.
The Red Lake Rosie's Rescue van arrived just in time.  Little Faith waddled as she walked and it was clear she had an injury.  She offered no resistance to being loaded in the van and riding off to her new life.  She loves the kibble and canned treats she enjoys at the shelter. 
What a darling personality!  Her body is broken, but she has a million-dollar smile and attitude. She went to the vet on the 6th day and was spayed and vaccinated. Since she was malnourished, it is taking a while to get her bowels straightened out.  She was x-rayed and the vet finds no broken bones in the leg or hip areas.  She suspects a soft tissue or spinal injury of some kind.  Time will tell if she will heal.  She cannot run but she is walking well.
We are looking for the perfect home for Faith as she deserves the best of everything.

Sincerely, Karen Good 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ongoing care of Lydia

Lydia had x-rays that showed that the bullet that went through her laid down a whole bunch of metal shards that will need to be removed. She also has a chip on one of her bones that will be removed also. In surgery they will cut a large area between the entry and exit wounds, clean up the inside and suture it back up :)

In addition, a vet at the clinic specializes in dentistry. He noticed Lydia has a dead canine tooth. So he has volunteered his time to give her a root canal so she does not loose the tooth!!! :) That will be done at a later date. That same vet is thinking of adopting her or one of her puppies!

She is now on stronger pain killers also. She was pretty tired all day at the clinic, but was happy again when we got home.

The surgery went really well. The Doctor pulled out two chipped bones and just a couple of the pieces of metal, her joint was pushed out of place and he put that back. And after looking at the injury under her chin, he realized he could see her jaw bone!!!! So they sutured that up too.

They kept her over night so they could keep her on good drugs a little longer, until the inflammation from the surgery goes down. I will pick her up this morning.

She could not have had a better doctor.!

Here's the update from ARVSS on Lydia the mama dog suffering from the gunshot wounds. She is doing great and is bearing weight on her leg. Her five puppies are also doing well

Thank you ARVSS, Matt, Susie, Ellen and all members of the committee.


Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy ending for a mini-horse

Here is a picture of the family that adopted the little l year old male.  He has a great home and is well cared for. 
 A special thanks to Dr. Vickie and the financial supporters of the rescue.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Remember Raisin?

Perhaps you remember Raisin- who looked like a little smiling bear cub.  He went to All Dog Rescue in the care of Linda. Raisin was adopted and here's the update on this fella- no longer tiny bear!  Thank you All Dog and Linda for taking all the Red Lake puppies and finding them good homes.

Kodi (formerly Raisin) is now around seven months old, weighs approximately 53 lbs.,  and doing great! He passed puppy level 1 training and is in the middle of level 2 at Petco and really learning how to be a good canine citizen.
Kodi loves rides in the car and going to the dog park to play with other dogs, in fact, he knows the words "Dog Park". Everyone that meets Kodi thinks he is a beautiful dog. Thank you for rescuing him, he brings a lot of joy to our lives.


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