Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Red Lake Elementary School helps Red Lake Rosie's Rescue

On March 2, 2016, Karen, Kevin, and Mouser visited the Red Lake Elementary School to receive a check for $328.00 collected by the Honor Society penny drive and Michelle Stapleton, Kelly Hunt, Susan Olson and Stella Fern, teachers at Red Lake Elementary School. 

After that visit, arrangements were made to visit the classrooms on March 23rd and 24th to teach the students about Red Lake Rosie’s mission, animal care, and including animals interacting with students.

The students learned about therapy dogs and a special therapy dog named Gaag (Porcupine) who came from the reservation 7 years ago and volunteered as part of his new life as a therapy dog. 

Jenny and Zoey Wolfe brought Samuel a Chinese Crested small breed with no hair except that on its head and feet. Gracie is an elderly pit bull that was rescued in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


Frosty is an older Samoyed with long white hair. Mouser, the chow shepherd from Ponemah, joined the group. Stories were told the students about each breed and their unique characteristics.


Jenny read the classes the story of “Buddy Unchained” where the topic of the lonely life of chained animals was discussed. The children were given instruction on animal care and encouraged to include the animals as a part of the family.

Also, making his appearance was Duggy the Dalamation who talked with kids and also played them a song called “Lucky Dog”. 

At the end of each session, students had a chance to interact with the animals, read a book, put together a puzzle, play a cat button game, or do some art work.

The program was excellent and a special thank you to the students and teachers who participated, also to Jenny and Zoey of Roseau who came to Red Lake to share their animals and valuable information they had in their work in Roseau with cats and dogs.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

First clinic of 2016 was a success!

March clinic went off without a hitch- not even a March snow storm. We had 12 surrenders. One little girl had frostbite injuries to her back feet. Thankfully, ACT V came to the rescue once again and will get her the treatments she deserves. 


A clinic first- 4 ferrets surrendered due to tribal rules. The owner had taken very good care of them was sad to see them go.

We also provided wellness visits and vaccines to 51 dogs and cats, many too young for surgery.

March clinic was to be shorter than our usual clinics. Scheduled to run Friday 9:00-3:00 and Saturday 9-12, we had customers by 8 a.m. Friday morning and quickly filled our initial limit of 15 animals. The amazing team from Act V continued to accept animals and the two doctors continued to performed surgeries until 6:30 p.m., completing 37 spay/neuter surgeries in 10 hours! The next day they started surgery before 8 am and completed 27 surgeries. A grand total of 64 spay/neuter surgeries in two days, plus 3 ER type surgeries to stitch lacerated wounds.


It was clear we would be hungry way before would make it back to the hotel for dinner. In true Rosie’s fashion we improvised an ordered pizza!

A big huge thank you to all the volunteers that made this clinic such a success. RLRR clinic volunteers Jackie Schmiedlin and Jennifer Godfrey, Dr. Lori Boettcher- Murphy of Cats Preferred Vet clinic in Plymouth, and her daughter Anne, the ACT V team of Dr. Vicki Schultz, Tara Post, Alisa Laramy, Barbara Mundis, Sandi Johnson, and her daughter Savanna Kettler.

Amy DeLong
RLRR Clinic Coordinator

Monday, March 21, 2016

Life of Gaag


Dear Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue,

It is with great sadness that we share the news that Gaag, formerly known as Heath (a.k.a. Bernie), died unexpectedly on Feb. 24 of an aggressive cancer.

Shortly after we adopted Gaag, Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue posted this blog post about his new life with us and our plans for him to become our next therapy dog (, so we wanted to take a moment to share with you the rest of his journey with us.

Although we had just six years to spend with Gaag, we made the most of every moment we had with him. He did become a registered therapy dog, and in his almost five years of service, he made more than 100 therapy visits. He specialized in corrections, making a difference with his story of survival and resilience with both adults and juveniles in local detention centers. He made many other visits as well, to hospice patients, nursing homes, Girl Scout camps, church services, and other local organizations and events where he demonstrated what it takes to become a therapy dog.


Gaag also had many other adventures in his life. He learned to do carting and weight pulling and made lots and lots of friends. Gaag is the only dog we’ve had who was never kenneled or left with anyone during our travels – he was always a part of our adventures. His travels included visits to many states, islands, and multiple ferry rides. He was always game for our next adventure, especially if it included hiking – he visited dozens of state parks across several states. His love of hiking was second only to his love of snow.

In addition, Gaag was a source of comfort and stability for the other two dogs with whom we currently share our lives. Both of them are rescues as well – one is a Neapolitan mastiff, and the other is a Great Dane mix. They, too, experienced significant loss and instability in their lives, and with Gaag’s guidance, they both have learned how to be happy and enjoy life.

Gaag touched many lives during his time on this planet, ours first and foremost. We miss him dearly but are so very thankful that he was a part of our life and will always be grateful to everyone who helped make that possible.

Don and Stephanie V~


Gaag came to RLRR dirty, thin and sad with a painful muzzle embedded with porcupine quills that had to be removed surgically. His new family honored his past with the name Gaag, which means porcupine in Ojibwe.

This story is inspirational and a tear jerker for me. Just imagine these treasures we are entrusted with saving! Look at what difference this one rescue dog from Red Lake made in his life!!

I want to thank his wonderful guardians who loved and respected him so much!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Animal Clinic: March 18, 19!!

March 18 -- 9:00 am – 4:00 p.m.

March 19 – 9:00 am – 12:00 noon

Redby Custom Homes Warehouse

CATS: Get all male and female cats fixed

DOGS: Get all male dogs any size fixed and small female dogs fixed

Porcupine quills and injured animals welcome!

Can you make a $10.00 donation to help with the costs?

Sponsored By: 

Act V Rescue and Rehabilitation
Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue

Monday, March 14, 2016

Fundraiser continues as Diamond starts to improve

I know you'll be interested in an update on Diamond, the poster child for our efforts to raise money to sponsor spay/neuter clinics at the White Earth Reservation. 

Thanks to all who have donated already and a word of encouragement to others who may be able to donate at this time. We have $9000 in matching funds available from Joan Lawson and Friends of Flicka. We need to raise $9000 in order to receive that $9000. It is a great time to donate when every dollar will be matched!

As Karen says, "Diamond still looks terrible, but he is improving- We expect 6 months from now he will be all healed. He has heartworm treatment scheduled on March 29 and 30th."

"Diamond's body language tells it all. He no longer slumps, but walks with head up high and hairless tail wagging. He feels so much better already!"

Thanks from Karen and RLRR

Please make a donation with your credit card or mail a check to: RLRR, 23880 South Good Road, Trail, MN 56684 and designate “Clinic".

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Brawnwyn Olaf: What a difference a year makes!

In November of 2014, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue received this little pup in dire need of medical care. He weighed just 3 lbs, 6oz, was only three weeks old, and he had a distended anus which would require surgery.

We were so grateful when Laura of Minnesota Pitbull Rescue responded and took in this little tyke.

The pup, we called Brawnwyn, survived and thrived and moved in with a loving adopted family. His name is now Olaf.


One might be tempted to call him "Big Olaf"!

Friday, March 11, 2016

RLRR Board of Directors

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, Inc. (RLRR) is expanding its Board of Directors and conducting a search for two voting members from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to include RLRR metro support team members and/or donors to RLRR.

Interested persons should send a letter of interest and qualifications to serve on the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue Board of Directors. The letter may be submitted by e-mail to or mailed to: Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, 23880 South Good Road, Trail, MN 56684

The deadline for submission is March 15, 2016.

The Board will review applications and select two members no later than April 15, 2016. Method of meeting attendance may be in person or via Skype.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Azebun Beasley: Happily Ever After


Ten years ago, in the earliest days of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, this pup was saved through Karen's tender care and his will to live. It is a miraculous story of survival that led to a great life. We were so pleased to hear from his adopter a couple of months ago.

Dear Bethany: 
Hi! I'm the person who rescued your Beasley in Red Lake. He was the tiniest of 12 puppies and the people told me only 11 survived, and one died. Well- I saw a slight movement and put the little tyke in a box with a blanket. I spent the next 9 days- day and night with him. He looked like a little raccoon, so I called him Azebun. To this day- I do not know HOW he survived.

He had over 40 roundworms in him. Got impacted from them. He was fed with an eyedropper for many days, and lingered in a state of near death. I used a heating pad and hot water bottle to maintain his body temp. Finally- he awoke and began to lap puppy milk. He followed me around and was about 1/2 pound at that time. His eyes did not open for several days- I thought he was blind. He had chemical burns on his little tummy and some adhesive stuck in his fur.

He was certainly a little miracle and I am so happy he came to live with you. From me, he went into the care of  Dino Buege of Pleading Paws who found him your great home.

Dear Karen,

Not sure if you check this email anymore but hoping this message finds its way to you. Today I send this as I look through things to remember our Beasley (formerly Azebun) who passed away a year ago today. The cancer that took his life was swift and we still can barely speak about it because we miss him so much.

Beasley was an amazing dog. Smart, stubborn, sensitive and fiercely loyal to his people and his best dog friend, Milton. He loved cheese and hiking and we loved to see him happy so he was shamelessly spoiled rotten. As you can see from the attached picture he grew to be such a beautiful boy with a wonderful smile.

As I remember him today, I want to say thank you for everything you did in those early days of his life. You did not just save a dog, you saved the best dog.

All the best,



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