Thursday, January 31, 2013

Leech Lake Legacy shares shelters

Leech Lake Legacy newest program, The Yukon Project, is happy to announce they received a grant from the ASPCA this morning. We received a grant for $1,600 to provide shelter to outside rez dogs in either Leech Lake Reservation or Red Lake Reservation.
Since Leech Lake Reservation received 150 dog houses from PetSmart Charities, Leech Lake Legacy will be purchasing 9 large igloos with the grant money and distributing the igloos to Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, who will then distribute to the residents of Red Lake Rez.
Leech Lake Legacy came to be in May, 2011 because Karen Good reached out to her network of supporters to help a neighboring reservation. We have continued to have a very strong partnership. We are grateful to ASPCA for awarding Leech Lake Legacy with the $1,600 grant, and we in turn are thrilled to be able to purchase 9 large igloos for Red Lake reservation ♥

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dog Days at the Dome

Does your dog have spring fever? Here's just the answer.

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue will be participating at "Dog Days at the Dome" this coming Thursday, January 31st and also February 21st.

Stop by our table to say "Hi" and buy your 4-legged buddy a homemade pupcake (doggy cupcake). For more information go to

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Willa is home, too

Willa is sister to Bailey, the husky pup, featured on the blog yesterday. She also found a great home! Love the happy endings!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Baby Bailey

This is one of a husky threesome rescued by Polly in Red Lake. We are so happy that one has found her new home!

I am happy to announce the adoption of Bailey, one of the husky pup girls that came down from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue a couple weeks ago.

After looking for a young husky for about two months, she was the only one that her new parents applied for. Her new family consists of three kids ranging in ages from 15 to 18, a mom and dad, a feline sister (Luna) and Yorkie sister (Lola).

Her parents were VERY excited to pick her up and complete the adoption tonight and were going to run out and pick up some toys! They do plan to rename her but have not decided on a name yet (we'll see if Bailey sticks!).

Her new owners will be bringing her to the local PetSmart training class, as their trainer for Lola is a husky owner so they thought that would be perfect.

Special thanks to Shanna and Tyson for yet another successful adoption and resisting the "hoarding" temptation on this one! ;)

Also, for the record, after spending about 3 hours with this vocal little lady, I am officially taking myself off the list of potential husky puppy foster homes. :)

Thanks to everyone who played a hand in this girl's placement!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paxton/PacMan update

Hi All, It's time for Paxton's annual update. It's been 2 years since Pac joined our family. He is still reaching milestones.
This year he has learned to "ask". When one of Pac's toy rolls under furniture, he will come find me and start barking. I follow him to where it's stuck and give it to him.
He now barks to come in when finished doing his business. We use to have to call him in. He is the best snuggler on these cold winter nights! Pac loves his domain!

A daily walk with Dad is enough for him and then he wants to be with Mom, Dad and brother Tugger (10 yr old Pitbull) at home.

We love our big gentle boy and can't image our world without him. Thanks to all of you!!!

Sincerely, Ken and Joanne

Thank you so much Joanne and Ken for adopting and loving PacMan! We will never forget this guy coming up to the shuttle and referring himself at the clinic that summer day- very thin and a very loveable guy even then.

It is so rewarding to see him now! You made my day today!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Secret Santa Sisters: Inspired Giving

Here is a great story about three sisters who are Secret Santa Sisters and wanted to bless Jenny Wolfe in Roseau with supplies she needs to do her rescue work at the Pound.
With Karen as the go-between, Jenny was asked for a "wish list" and the three sisters got busy collecting the items in lieu of buying Christmas gifts for each other. The giving spread to other members of the family. See Notes below:
Hi Karen:
We have been having fun gathering the items for Jenny's wish list.

When I was looking at Jenny's list, my oldest son (29) was visting. I showed him the blog about Jenny and her work with the Roseau Pound. He noticed on the list a doghouse for the pound. I told him we couldn't afford it ($200) and still get Jenny the other items she so desperately needed. He took out his wallet and handed me $100 towards the doghouse.

The next day I was telling my Mom (who lives in Texas) about this and how proud I am of my him. My Mom said "I will send you the other $100 in the mail tonight. Let's get that doghouse!" :-) Needless to say it's been ordered and is on it's way to the Pound.

Our Secret Santa family has grown to three generations. 

Take Care, Joanne

Hi again, Karen.
The first time I spoke Jenny I realized what a giving, caring, and unselfish person she is. We spoke on the phone to arrange a place to meet. She was very excited to get things for the dogs and cats.

Through tears she asked, Why me? Who are these people? We met at the Humane Society in Golden Valley. Despite the rush of the holidays and the long drive to the cities, Jenny brought a group of dogs with her, so they can have a better chance at adoption. Again, she asked Why me? I told her to keep reading the Red Lake Rosie Blog.

So Jenny, why you? Because of your unconditional love of animals, how much you help them and save lives!

Secret Santa Sisters

PS. We will still get your additional items to you.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Update from Coco's Heart

Just wanted to send you an update from the pooches this weekend.

Papoose is doing great! He is a bundle of energy!

Sabrina went to the vet today and had an ultrasound- the vet said she is not pregnant. She is a doll.

Denver aka Cody is adorable and catching on very quickly with home-life. He is going potty outside already- both Paddy and Denver caught on to potty training very quickly. He is a social pup that loves to be held. He is enjoying playtime with the "big boys" (my dogs). He goes to the vet tomorrow.

I have included a picture I took of Paddy and Denver last night. Denver's jacket is a little snug. They were very good and let me pester them to get this picture. They are so wonderful. I will cry when Paddy is adopted. He has a meet'n'greet with a family tomorrow night.

Ashley (Van Ort) Kurtz
Coco's Heart Dog Rescue

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Transport before the deep freeze

We are so thankful at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to have transferred 22 animals out just before a severe cold blast hit.

The O'Sullivans met Karen in Bemidji on Saturday, January 19th, and then on to Leech Lake Pound to meet Jenny, Marilou, Terri, and Kelli of ASPCA.

The animals from Animal Care Clinic and Leech Lake Pound all traveled with the RLRR animals to AHS Golden Valley where they were met by groups.

Marilou took some wonderful pictures of the little travelers.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Five years and 1500 posts for RLRR

Early in 2008, I started this blog to let people know about the work of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Five years later, I've just passed 1500 posts and 206,000 pageviews.

When I learned about Karen Good and Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, and especially after my first visit, I wanted to make a significant contribution in support of this mission. I had no experience creating or writing a blog, so a friend helped me get started.

It's not a typical blog where a person journals about what s/he is doing, instead I try to capture and share the activities of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. I am the editor of the blog, seeking and receiving information and photos from multiple sources and presenting it in (I hope) an organized and enjoyable fashion.

When we started the Facebook page for RLRR, I networked the blog to appear there, too. Perhaps one day we will discontinue the blog and I'll just post to Facebook. Let me know what you think. I really appreciate all comments and likes. Please share the blog or our Facebook page with your friends!



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oogie Crispin

Oogie came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue with mange and other skin issues. He went to ARVSS and they helped him regain his health and find a great home! We were so pleased to get this update. He is a beautiful happy dog now.

Hi Karen,

In October my wife B~ and I were lucky enough to get to provide a forever-home to Oogie, a husky-shepherd mix from Red Lake who was being fostered by Susie from ARVSS. While visiting the ARVSS group this last weekend Susie noted that you would probably appreciate an update on how he's doing too. You'll no doubt remember him as a very young, timid puppy.
We renamed him Crispin and he's now six months old. Over the past three months he's doubled in size, graduated from puppy obedience classes, and started participating in a puppy playgroup. He's still pretty shy, but through some hard work and lots of socialization with people and pets he's becoming more bold every day. For the first time last week we actually got to see him let strangers pet him. He's doing well - happy, healthy, and doing great with his training. I've attached a couple other pictures of him. Below is one from just last week in the kitchen.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hi Karen,

I adopted Angel the tortoiseshell kitty last June. Angel was depressed and had impaired kidney function. My friend was preparing to take her to Red Lake when I saw a picture and she caught my heart. I took Angel to my vet, and he said with proper diet, she could live another 5+ years. She is now on a prescription diet.

When I received her, she was a little depressed bag of bones, but now she rules my house, including my 100 lb. Newfoundland mix dog. She is chubby and sassy and truly believes she is the boss. She likes to cuddle, but only on her terms. She is the feistiest kitty, and we love her dearly!

I've attached two pictures of Angel helping us bake Christmas cookies (she is always present when food is involved), and one of her napping with my partner R~ (one of their favorite togetherness activities).

Thank you for all you do, and thank you so much for this little bundle of fur who is now a forever part of our family.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Big puppy mauled by little puppies

My "Mauled by Puppies" video posted last weekend was quite popular, so I thought you might enjoy another variation on the theme. 

Making a guest appearance in this video is Breanna, the bigger pup, who is also from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue now being fostered by ARVSS in Wisconsin. She came in alone from Ponemah and was so frightened, there was concern she might not tame down. She seems to be doing fine.

In a cameo appearance, the family cat supervises from a safe height :-)


Friday, January 18, 2013

Shyla is on all fours!

Shyla was stray dog rescued in Ponemah just before Christmas (she is extra special because she has one brown eye and one blue eye). She was hungry, thirsty, frightened and she wasn't using her right hind leg at all.
She was lucky enough to be taken in by Act V Rescue and Rehabilitation where an x-ray showed her leg was broken in two places and she had buckshot in her abdomen. Surgery was performed and she is in physical therapy now, but everything is going well.
Shyla seems pretty relaxed in her foster home with another dog and a cat and a comfy couch they are all happy to share.
Shyla is clearly STANDING on all four legs in this photo...!!! Thanks to her foster family, Shyla is getting some range of motion exercise, walks, and a lot of attention...! It's all paying off - she is healing so nicely from surgery. She is SUCH a good girl in PT...!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

RLRR to Act V: Calypso, Loris, Panda & Cora

We've had some lovely updates from Act V Rescue & Rehabilitation about some of the Red Lake dogs and pups they have taken in.
Calypso, the shepherd mix, came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in desperate condition two years ago, but she is beautiful now and showing the ropes to Loris who came for fostering to her home.
Loris, the black lab mix, was the mama dog and pups given up by her family to RLRR, but Loris didn't understand that. She took off from RLRR and crossed 20-30 miles of wilderness to return to her former home. Karen happened upon her there alone and rescued her again. Loris needed treatment for Lymes and Heartworm, but is recovering well and she will be adopted into Calypso's family
Cora and Panda are two adorable little pups from RLRR now in foster care. If they aren't adopted yet, it won't be long. Lucky dogs!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Pony named Girl

With the drought in northern Minnesota, getting hay for even a single horse is not that easy.
Marvin and his horse, Girl, live on with west side of Red Lake known as Little Rock. As winter approached, there was no place to get Girl hay. Right before Christmas, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue made sure Girl got a large bale of good hay.
Marvin also agreed to let us visit Girl and build her a shelter for the winter.
Mike, Lauren and Karen went to meet Girl on January 3rd. They brought supplies to make a temporary shelter, as well as rubber bowls, horse feed, a mineral block, wormer, harness, and grooming tools. Her mane was quite matted with burdock which grows on the property there and will be worked on.
It was a great pleasure to meet this little lady. She was interested in our project, as well as loved the horsefeed, and the oats that Marvin brought for her. She took great interest in the mineral block. Mike and Lauren built the horse shelter while being entertained by Girl.
One of the concerns that Marvin has in that Girl's feet need work. He would like to know if we could get her a ferrier to help her. While there Marvin tried to chip out the ice in her feet.
A special thank you to Mike and Lauren, Dr. Vicky, and Sandy for providing the supplies needed to make Girls' winter more comfortable.

We promised to continue to provide hay for Girl for the winter and help her with her feet. We are happy we made new friends!

Sincerely, Karen


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